Thursday 13 May 2010

I Search And Then Research

If you follow Old Knudsen on Facebook you see the letters PhD after his name. Now I don't like to brag about all my qualifications, numerous military medals for valour or how how many times I've tapped Helen Mirren Old Knudsen is merely a humble blogger even though he is also probably the new messiah if you believe the next National Da Vinci treasure code movie about to cum out starring Nicholas Hanks.

I do not squander having 12 or so doctorates unlike some who use what they have learned to graft octopus arms onto themselves. I use my PhD for what it is meant to be used for..... to be an elitist cunt who thinks hes a doctor, yes I do laugh when asked "Is there a doctor in the hoose?" and when I get to the unconscious person I burst out laughing cos the jokes on them, oh sorry I thought you wanted to talk about science, philosophy , tits or history :::::::::sniggers::::::::: as person dies.

I have finally finished my 4 years of research into why the Lord of the rings is so popular, besides the 40 million in funding had started to dry up.

The answer is midgets!

Who the fuck doesn't like midgets? Even top Nazi Dr Joseph Mengele liked midgets and if he liked midgets then maybe Nazis weren't so bad after all.

Just think if the cast of Stargate SG1 were midgets then maybe it wouldn't be so shite ..... I'd watch it.

I wonder if priests only diddle children due to the lack of midgets? I smell new research and funding. I just have to get Obama over the whole stigma of me heading all of those Bush think tanks, if only he could have done a third term I was so close to making a choke free pretzel and disproving evolution. I just want to club to death and rip apart all those who think humans came from monkeys, that would mean humans like animals didn't have souls.......... totally un-scientific.

When Obama calls, and oh yes he will. I shall tell him he should go ahead and start using the V-22 Osprey multi-mission, military tiltrotor aircraft because despite its safety record Old Knudsen would trust it to fly any of his beloved readers, its safe as hooses terms and conditions may apply to hooses being safe .

Yes Hilary has learned from the Polish government plane crash and totally has me pussy whipped into getting Obama and Biden on the Osprey.



Reggie said...

Whenever I look at Hilary Clinton I'm always thinking the same thing, Old Column Thighs.

Midgets don't do it for me Old Knudsen, though I used to know this really short chick who would try and pass herself off as a midget. Shit, she just looked short to me.

Anonymous said...

Ah, good times when we played midget throwing in Killamory!

Romeo Morningwood said...

I thought Mengele only liked beautiful boys from Brazil?
I'll bet that you squandered most of your grant money on covert ops.

Cathy said...

Look you inscrutable monkey, beat me if you want but if you think you got here during that week Gog was so busy I'll be ashamed of you forever. O yes - midgets are great for a light snack between meals.