Friday, 4 August 2017

The Revenge Of The Cat People

In the northern Indian states of Haryana and Rajasthan the secretive cat people have been coming down from the Aravalli hills to cause trouble. Over 50 women have had their hair cut off in mysterious attacks. 

At first people assumed it was the god of  mischief Loki as he tends to get bored and does things for attention. He once cut off Sif's beautiful golden hair while she slept then saved the day by getting her some cool Goth black hair. 

One victim Sunita Devi, a 53-year-old housewife said she saw a flash of light which rendered her unconscious, when she woke her hair had been cut. She has been traumatized since the attack and is afraid to go to sleep. She said her attacker was an elderly man dressed in bright-coloured clothes. 

Not far from Devi's home another woman Asha Devi was attacked but says it was done by a woman. Her father-in-law found her unconscious on the bathroom floor with a pile of hair beside her.    

The hair cutting attacks started in July and as well as close knit farming communities they have also happened in Delhi. As everyone knows, cat people can shape shift so seeing old men and women ... well Old Knudsen isn't surprised. 

Shape shifting is a part of western culture too. There is a story about an American hike hiker from Miami FLA that mysteriously plucked his eye brows, shaved his legs and then he was a she.   

Reena Devi a 28 year-old from Jonawasa village said she saw a large figure that looked like a cat. Then she felt someone touching her shoulders and that was the last thing she remembers. She says her story is hard to believe and people have accused her of cutting her hair for attention. 

She was probably asking for her hair to be cut by the way she was dressed. She says her hair was cut while she played a game on her phone. "My husband and children were also in the room. I felt a pull on my hair and when I looked back, my hair was on the floor."

From the village of Kharkharra, Sundar Devi aged 60 has been bed ridden and has had a permanent 'what the fuck' look on her face ever since the attack.

"I was going to a neighbour's house when somebody tapped my shoulder from behind. When I looked back, there was nobody. That's the last thing I remember."

Some say it's gangs of rogue hair dressers, others say it's supernatural and of course the government refuses to say that it's cat people, an ancient race that has lived in secret side by side with humans for millennia, often walking among us  .... but we know. 

The name Devi is a last name for married or older women in rural areas if you were wondering about that. Kumari being the last name for for unmarried girls .... the more you know.  

To ward off cat people the ladies have been putting magical bands and god pictures in their hair.
Tinfoil and tinfoil hats are not used as it is difficult to get it in parts of India due to the drought. 

While there is a cat people problem that you won't hear about in the mainstream media you must also remember the monkey-man attacks in Delhi in 2001. People saw a large creature part man part monkey that would rob them of their prescription medication and throw poo at them in order to escape. 

Then there was the rumor that the sea water had turned sweet at a beach in Mumbai in 2006 which caused thousands of people to go there. Luckily there just happened to be a vendor nearby to sell people drinks after they tasted the salty germ laden water.



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