Thursday, 24 August 2017

Arizona Hate Rally

I hate it when Trump speaks from a tele prompter then you have people the next day praising him for not sounding batshit insane or saying cray cray stuff ... like a battered wife that wistfully hopes her husband has changed because he didn't beat her one night. Seems like everyone has readjusted the bar on how a president should be to match his ever lowering levels of stupid.

His latest distraction speech was to announce a troop surge in Afghanistan. He thinks that this is what is needed to win that war. He won't say how many troops will be going over to die for nothing or the timetable for not winning the war as that just helps the enemy. He basically gave a speech saying nothing.

4,000 .... 8,000 how many troops I wonder. Obama had 100,000 at one time and still didn't win.

To sum up the speech the US is going to spend and spend on Afghanistan forever until they get results and Pakistan and India need to buck up their ideas and help more. India is currently on the brink of war with China so were too busy to tell him to fuck off. Pakistan says thanks for the money they get, keep it coming fools.

10 lines of coke later and a long night of binge watching all his own TV interviews Trump went to Arizona.

Token black white guy Ben Carson gently warmed up the crowd with a low energy speech. He said that as a doctor he heeled healed everyone regardless of race, gender, religion or political opinion ... as long as their medical insurance was valid of course. He did not discriminate.

Alveda King the fucked in the head homophobic niece of MLK jr held a prayer meeting for some reason, then Franklin Graham the fucked in the head homophobic evangelist who thinks that Obama's main problem was that he was born an evil Muslim had some more praying.

It went like:

The US is a troubled nation and was broken spiritually ... morally adrift on the wind of popular culture with those that want to divide and preach hate. He said god will SHUT THEIR MOUTHS, like he did the lions.

The son of Billy Graham would definitely know about hate speech. Oh the irony of accusing others of dividing the nation. 

Then that other fine Christian Mike Pence took the stage. The president and the VP are never supposed to appear or travel together in case of being attacked. Even in the White House Pence has to take another route if Trump is going from one place in the White House to another.

Pence immediately set about lying to the people. He blamed the media for distorting the truth. He said Trump was the best friend the military will ever have .... just not those transgender ones or anyone that gets captured though.

He said that Trump supports the men and women of law enforcement like never before ... like encouraging them to rough up suspects as on the spot justice dispensers ... true, presidents have never called for that before.

Then he said, "optimism is sweeping across the country"  ... very true, #TrumpResign was trending the other day.

Like the votes in the election the majority of Americans are united in their hatred of Trump. 

Respecting the fuck out of a ratty flag on the right

Then he introduced Trump to the tune 'I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free. And I won't forget the men who died, who gave that right to me' ... such a wag the dog moment. Did no women die? ... fucken sexiest song.

Trump soaked up the adulation until he finally wandered over to the stage and dismissed his 4 horsemen flunkies. 

The first thing he said was that the Secret Service said there "aren't many people outside protesting" ... which makes me wonder why the Arizona police would bother to tear gas such a small crowd of thousands or the ones that closed down the road to the rally. 

He then said, "America is indeed a nation of faith" ... even though the Founding Fathers distinctly made the need for the separation of church and state but hey, Trump knows more about America than those losers. 

He said whatever faith the military has doesn't matter because they are a team ... we're all on the same team, all Americans ... we all believe in America First. 

The Transgenders in the military probably don't feel the spirit of team and going by these signs I don't think all Americans are on the same team as Putin Trump.   

He then spoke to his sycophantic crowd about how he denounced, "Thugs who perpetrated hatred and violence  ... but the very dishonest media ... those people right up there with all the cameras" 

He took a minute to make disapproving faces and milk the boos the crowd were giving the media who were all a part of the same team just moments before. 

 Should be 'one token black for Trump '

"Truly dishonest people in the media the fake media" then he got out his speeches from Charlottesville that didn't include his off speech remarks about violence on many sides or how there are nice people on the Nazi side. 

So he's lying and gaslighting even though IT'S ON FUCKEN VIDEO TAPE!!!!! but it's the media's fault that he said it and that they reported it.   

Then for some reason he went on about what a good student he was and how he went to the best schools ... not that you can tell from his spelling, vocabulary, grasp of simple concepts and piss poor knowledge about history. 

He then called his slack jawed crowd the "elite" and smiled at how they 'got him' as in understood him. 

    "Go Cook My Burrito, Bitch!"

I'm sure his dwindling supporters especially those in the Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist and KKK groups totally get him.  Elite ... these people are the fucken master race just inbred American style. 

"Fox has treated me fairly" he said their criticisms were within reason. I guess he fast forwards Shepard Smith who has said, "Why all these lies, why is it lie after lie after lie"?  

Trump continued, "Hannity ... How great is Hannity"? ... a rhetorical question cos Sean Hannity is shite.  "A great guy and honest"  ... except when he makes up stories about Hillary that Fox then has to pull and warn him not to continue with them. 

Trump talked about statues, this Yankee Confederate sympathizer likes them though he has probably never been to one. They're destroying American culture!!!

Hey remember in 1980 when Trump was building Trump Tower and had art deco friezes from 1929 destroyed because it would take two weeks to remove them properly?  

That's when he phoned up the New York Times pretending to be someone else and said it wasn't worth saving them. His construction workers chopped them up and let them fall to the ground. 

These weren't statues of traitors to the US that lost a war ... those statues were removed, not destroyed, they'll end up somewhere. 

Trump then said the left were demanding that a statue of Teddy Roosevelt be removed but they hadn't decided upon the reason yet. 

Theodore Roosevelt like Churchill are people Old Knudsen admires. They were people of their era and were no doubt racist to a point but they didn't let that drive their actions and they were the good guys unlike say Hitler, Robert E Lee or Stonewall Jackson. 

I can admire people but not worship them. I see idiots worshiping Lincoln or Obama yet both were quite cuntish at times. 

I couldn't think of why anyone would want to remove a TR statue, is this political correctness gone crazy? ESPN pulled a sports caster from a Virginia football game in case it offended because his name was Robert Lee ... the guy was Asian for fucks sake. 

Then I saw it. They don't want all Roosevelt statues removed for the sake of it, just this one. This isn't because of Charlottesville this has been going on since last year. 

Roosevelt riding a horse with a native American on one side and a black dude on the other, walking.  Yeah it kinda sends the wrong message. At the time it was erected the concerns of minorities weren't valued as like the Confederate statues. "Hey boy you don't mind if I put up a statue of a slave owner who didn't think you Negroes were as good as us superior white folk do you"? 

Trump being a tad dishonest and devious here.  

Trump went on to say how all Americans have the same laws and values by the same almighty god.

What the fuck? One minute it's all a team except for these people then it's all Americans except for these people. Why can't he just say that only Trump butt monkeys and his own family are American? That's what he means. 

The only really true thing he said at the rally was "they get very nervous to have me on live television" yes everyone does, not just the media but the American people and even his own fucken staff. Half the Pentagon are taking Valium to get through the day and it's every fucken day. 

So much stupid and lies at this rally, it sure lived up to Zonie standards. Florida looked on enviously.  

Supposed Christians told lies and like any good propaganda channel left out any bad stuff. The media, protesters, Democrats, a couple of dissenting Republicans were made the enemy again. 

The only thing these rallies achieve is that Trump puts his side out there without interruption and it gets talked about all week in the media.    

He has already shown us who he really is several times over and on tape so I think it's time for the GOP and any of his supporters with half a brain and any self respect to start believing what he is telling us about himself.  

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Soren, I love you.
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