Thursday, 11 May 2017

Ramzan Kadyrov Is Very Not Gay

Look he almost touched a real woman while dancing

The Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov who is totally straight as you can tell by his beard denies that gheys have been arrested, tortured and have even died in the Chechen Republic. There are no ghey Chechens only ugly. 

You can't persecute something that doesn't exist. 

 Kadyrov with a young friend

Kadyrov fought in the first Chechen war against the Russians before becoming a turncoat and getting put into power by the Russians and being their butt monkey, he founded the Akhmat Fight Club, is married with 12 children (2 adopted) and has totally NOTHING to prove to anyone .... NOTHING!!!!

He is also not a thug for hire and doesn't kill off journalists and politicians for his sugar daddy Putin.  

 Siegfried & Roy are his heroes cos only real men have tigers

Anyone who are LGBT are fake Chechens. "Chechen society does not have this phenomenon called non-traditional sexual orientation. For thousands of years, the people have lived by other rules, prescribed by God."

So Chechnya is a little like Iran who also don't have the gheys. 

 Kadyrov with a young friend

It has been reported that 100 gheys were rounded up, detained and tortured, 4 have even died. This news is old so that number would be well up now if they had any gheys there. 

Tough guy Kadyrov denies he is angry and doesn't know why he likes long hard pointy weapons up on his wall, he just does. He is also a big fan of manly gladiator movies also Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals, he can sing all the songs from Carousel and in proper order. A movie he's watched 183 times. 

  Kadyrov with two young sweaty friends

Remember in 2016 he was annoyed by British turncoat comedian John Oliver because he took to Instagram to look for his missing cat? 

Save me please!

The poor lad was reduced to manly tears and mean libtard Oliver just kept on goading him. What a bully!  He even slagged him off for his numerous gym videos. Got to stay in shape for the boys ladies. 
Well his cat was found and Kadyrov had its legs removed so Mr Fluffaduff would never get lost ever again. 

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has urged the Kremlin to investigate the human rights abuse of homosexuals in Chechnya. 

You complete me Vlad! 

Putin said he'd get right on it ... lol! In Russia homosexuality isn't illegal, as long as you don't do it in public or mention it in anyway. 

As Kadyrov says, "if you suck cock and take it up the ass in a manly angry way then you are just being a red blooded male, only fags enjoy it."   

Join Old Knudsen in boycotting Chechen products like ....

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