Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Not A Hero

Marine Sergeant Alexander Blackman was serving in Helmand Province Afghanistan in 2011. The Royal Marine Commandos are an elite regiment and held up to high standards.

An incident occurred in which a Taliban fighter wounded by an Apache helicopter was dragged across a field and kicked by Marines. It was covered by a camera on a balloon as well as a couple of helmet cameras.

Blackman order a Marine to stop giving the wounded unarmed captive first aid treatment. He pulled out his 9 mil pistol and said "Shuffle off this mortal coil, you cunt it's nothing you wouldn't do to us" then he shot him in the chest. He added "I just broke the Geneva Convention." 

 Seems he liked to pose for heroic looking pics 

After Blackman was sentenced to 10 years for murder his Lieutenant Colonel of 42 Commando Simon Chapman said Blackman had his full support and had suffered a "momentary ... lapse of judgment"

Colonel Oliver Lee, commanding officer of 45 Commando resigned in protest at how Blackman was treated. 

It was war. Maybe he had done other shit he had gotten away with. It's amazing what you'll do when you think there are no consequences. He killed a wounded unarmed captive for no reason. After he had made him suffer with no first aid treatment. 

I don't give a fuck what officer supports you and a lapse of judgement? It was a couple of lapses. 

Ciarán Maxwell a Royal Marine from Larne Northern Ireland was found guilty of offenses related to dissident republicanism. He had buried bomb making parts and over a length of time stole military weapons. 

The vetting process has eased off over the years with soldiers from Northern Ireland. When Old Knudsen was in the British army during the Troubles the English NCO's often joked at how soldiers from Northern Ireland were just there for military training and were all terrorists. We were scum to English soldiers though we ran the same if not increased risks in our homeland. We had family that could be easily targeted. 

You now understand why people saying that all Muslims or refugees are terrorists gets Old Knudsen's back up. 

Blackman and Maxwell, both in the elite Royal Marine Commandos have sullied the reputation of the regiment. Just as soldiers of the Parachute regiment which is another elite one ruined its rep during Bloody Sunday. 

So many lapses in judgement from so many well trained full of themselves elitists. When you think you are better than everyone else you think the rules don't apply to you. Add in the stress and surreal world of combat and blurred lines without consequences becomes a thing. 

Old Knudsen has respect for these elite regiments, doesn't mean he likes them though. They are a part of the British army and when they fuck up with their "lapses" it reflects on the whole military. 

These guys served without honour and I refuse to make excuses for them. Old Knudsen never supported terrorists nor did he execute unarmed wounded captives. Just like those that blame PTSD for a vet killing someone. Old Knudsen suffers from that and he has managed not to kill anyone. 

US Navy SEAL's enjoyed their shoot to kill freedom a little too much too. They made sport of it with a practice called canoeing. This was getting head shots that would split the skull. Not just kill shots but on already dead fighters too. Soldiers kept photo albums of each canoe.

There are soldiers who serve with honor, then there are Blackman, Maxwell and the SEAL's who write books on how they killed Osama or write books and have movies made on their sniper activity.   

Two SEAL's claimed to have killed Osama but the one that did will never write a book about it.

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