Tuesday, 23 August 2016

I Saw Slender Man

Slender man in the background of this 1980's pic. All 14 children and the photographer vanished, luckily his camera didn't.   

In 2014 two 12-year-old girls in Wisconsin stabbed their friend 19 times in an effort to show their dedication to the mythical being Slender Man. Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier wanted to show their love for this creature of mystery that is like Santa or something but without the presents. Their victim survived so pretty crappy love then. 

 Morgan Geyser on the left is pleading insanity. Anissa Weier is pleading ... whatever like.

Slender man is a tall being who can make testicles come out of his back ... tentacles I meant. It seems to be like those Sinister movies with children killing their families for a being known as Bughuul or Mr. Boogie. 

It reminds me of the Jamie Bulger case from 1993 when two 10 year-old boys abducted a two year-old and tortured him to death. After serving 8 years they were given new identities and released. One has re-offended with charges of child pornography and drunken brawling. The government has been more interested in protecting them and rehabilitating them.
They didn't really have a reason for doing it but you wouldn't expect this kind of thing from girls. What happened to liking ponies an shit?

Slender man seems fairly fucken lame to me. Maybe I know that if Slendy or Bughuul appeared to me I'd jam him the fuck up. If any kid approached me and refused to get into my free hugs van well I'd be very suspicious. 

A bloke named Eric Knudsen (obviously related) wrote the Slender man story for a website called Creepypasta   it has Slender man being throughout history causing mischief. I think Knudsen who is from Florida of course (the home of crazy) based his story on me. Maybe cos I never paid child support or something I don't know. 

I give these weemen good loving and my special nectar and they think I should take responsibility for something they grew .... crazy talk with plebs latching onto me coat tails.    

I made you special for 32 seconds, move on with yer dull existence ... call me if you lose weight, start werking out and get that mole thing removed.

Children don't think the way adults do though some adults think the way kids do. Being young is often connected with being stupid. 
The media promotes anti-heroes and makes killing seem normal. I doubt Thompson and Venables who lured Jamie Bulger from his distracted mum and killed him were swayed by the media because in 1993 there wasn't the constant video game violence, there wasn't GTA, Doom had just come out but everyone and their cousin wasn't playing it. Child's play 3 was in one of the killer's family video collection, that is what some tabloids latched on to. 

Both boys came from broken homes and had learning difficulties. Reality for them was a little more harsh. Sure there are many that don't go on to torture animals and kill toddlers but the hate and resentment was there for them, bubbling away looking for someone to be the victim instead of them for a change.    

Some kids are just made wrong and others do stupid things because they haven't thought it through or learned empathy yet. 
 Slender Man is real and he smuggles budgies.

When Old Knudsen was young he got tattoos that seemed like the right idea at the time. Look at yer fashions, how did they seem like a good idea? Hormones and yer limited experience of the werld .  I don't know what background Geyser and Weier had but it seems to me that it's easier these days to confuse reality with fantasy. 

How many are fooled by those websites that look like real news sites or how many just believe everything they read online?  One story was a Viking settlement hundreds of miles inland in North America, turns out that was a satire site but nothing about the story was satirical. There was no reason not to believe it other than it wasn't reported anywhere else. 

ISIS latched onto this by using words like you'll re-spawn in Heaven after you blow yerself up.     

Who hasn't wanted to be a cool vampire with high frilly collars, eternal young and supernatural abilities? The fact that they are psychopathic killers that drink germ laden blood gets ignored, especially if they sparkle. Do you really want to put yer mouth on a hobo?  ...... yeah I'm asking the wrong crowd, of course you would, sickos. 

We are a culture that celebrates murder, should we be so shocked when it actually happens?

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