Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Selfie Nine Millimeter

If you accidentally kill yerself with yer own gun while taking a seflie GOOD. If you kill yerself by doing something else dangerous for a selfie GOOD. The werld has 7 billion people on it so thinning the herd of the mongs is long over due.

A 43 year-old bloke in Washington state had been taking selfies with his girlfriend when he accidentally killed himself. He had been posing, loading and unloading for various important pictures when he fucked up and left a bullet in the gun.
You were 43 wasn't it time to grow the fuck up? I don't feel sorry for him, it's the people he leaves behind that I feel sorry for .... luckily his GF found out what a moron he was before she married him.

   Michael Jackson anyone? 

You take selfies with a camera or yer phone ..... not the land line as that is too difficult to do. No one wants to see you being stupid with a gun or making fuck duck face.   

Would you rather see this kind of selfie? 

Or this? 

You always point firearms in a safe position, that's either usually up at the sky or down at the ground, you only point them at people you intend on shooting. You treat every gun as if it is loaded until you can make it safe .... it's the unloaded gun that always kills, in other werds people that assume get their ass shot. 

The US is a strange place. Many think they are in the movies, probably because most movies they see have common every day streets in them. Oh to be trapped in a building with a load of European terrorists with just yer trusty 9 mil Beretta on hand. 

I'm reminded of the guy that took on the Vegas shooters  Jerad and Amanda Miller. They shot 2 police officers dead and then went to a Wal Mart and shot at the ceiling telling everyone to get out. Joseph Wilcox a civvie with a gun confronted Jerad because he didn't know that Amanda was his accomplice. He soon found out when she shot him dead. There goes his Die Hard moment, but it's not supposed to be like that. 

In Chicago a 65 year-old man tripped and shot himself in the knee. Ya know what you never see John McClane do? 

Imagine being such a pussy that you have to have a loaded and ready (cocked) gun with you at all times. Police should be carrying a loaded gun because they seek out criminals, soldiers should have a loaded gun if their duty demands it but the average Joe on the street doesn't need one. Would I feel safe knowing everyone was armed? 

 Ok we get it, it's a penis ... and not a very big one.  

The 65 year-old that shouldn't even be driving on the meds he's on or the mother that leaves her gun in her handbag in the care of her toddler, they are a danger to themselves and others and I don't mean criminals.

Americans have freedom issues but should that freedom be the freedom to accidentally kill the person in line at the check out? What about their freedom not to be killed by a mong with a gun? 


k said...

Words of wisdom. Plus butt selfie. You are winning at blog Old Knudsen.

Old Knudsen said...

Less buttheads and more butts.