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Who Is To Blame?

Well I didn't know.

Jeb Bush defending his idiot brother on 9/11 or Ben Carson saying that the Jews during the Holocaust might have not died as quickly if they had guns, the gift of hindsight can be a powerful yet often a useless thing. Bush was warned of an al-Qaeda  attack by one boogeyman Osama Bin Laden who had been a US ally when the CIA backed the Mujahideen in Afghanistan against the Soviets so they knew him well.  

 For fucking up the Gulf war and for giving us your son and his 2 wars.
Bush was indeed warned, not that airplanes would be used to fly into the WTC or of any exact threat, he was warned that chances were high that there would be an attack attempted by this group. Maybe he thought that like the first WTC bombing in 1993 it would be a complete failure because foreign terrorists had never performed a successful attack on US soil, the homegrown white American terrorists had done plenty but not the foreigners. 

 By invading 2 countries that had nothing to do with the attack.

Bush wasn't to blame for 9/11 but he and his cronies sure made a lot of money off it with Haliburton and KBR getting all the government contracts and they certainly took away a load of American liberties which Obama has continued on with today. 

Who was to blame for Benghazi on 11th September 2012 though? Blame has been given to the Republicans who didn't give as much funding for security as the government had asked for but it wasn't that much less. Blame has also been given to Hilary Clinton the then Sectary of State, that blame is actually more warranted.   

Not so much of hindsight but more of they should have responded to a real and growing threat. On April, May and June of that year there had been attacks on the consulate and foreign diplomatic convoys. The British ambassador survived an assassination attempt which made the British withdraw from Benghazi

One of the attacks on the consulate blew a large hole in the wall but so far no one had been killed. Diplomat Sean Smith was concerned (on the day of the attack) when a local police officer was seen taking photos of the consulate from a near by building. Smith would be one of the 4 that would die during the attack. 

 Eric Nordstrom regional security officer asked for additional security 12 times but was turned down by the State Department's Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs . He knew they needed at least 12 guards but tried for an extra 3 - 5.  This was backed up by Lt. Col. Andrew Wood who knew that someone had been trying to obtain more personnel. 

Ambassador Stevens had 3 security agents but on the day of the attack had an extra 2 that happened to be traveling with him. There were also local police and military but with green on blue attacks you just don't know if the locals have been compromised or not. 

Who else was there? There were dozens of CIA in Benghazi at the time of the attack. They were there to figure out the loyalties of the various militias, secure certain weapons like ground to air missiles taken after the fall of Gaddafi and possibly smuggle arms to Syria via these groups. They also targeted groups with links to al-Qaeda, you know what the CIA are like with their drone strikes. Benghazi was also a hub for information and intelligence collecting, close to 40 Americans that we know of in total.  

Nordstrom was told that there would not be any additional personnel until after an 'event' much like how safety procedures are ignored or building regulations not followed until there is a crash or disaster in which lives are lost. The CIA were in a small compound 1.2 miles away from the consulate and it had always been assumed that they with their dozen or so guards (many former SEALs) would help defend the consulate.   

 At least with Hilary you know she is a two faced liar and prone to going with the crowd by her actions. She isn't the one to stand up and say, "no, this isn't right."

Hilary wanted a low key US presence in Libya, I guess she didn't want to attract any attention there. At that time in 2012 the north of Africa hadn't figured much into US plans and even though the anniversary of 9/11 was coming, no one was put on high alert and the nearest help was in Italy.    

All the IED's thrown at the consulate and their convoys as well as the RPG attack on the British ambassador, Stevens and his small team of 3 guards and 6 staff were easy and obvious targets, especially during that time of the year.   

There was no protest over an anti-Muslim movie that led to the attack, that was totally made up and the quiet street was even noted by Stevens himself in his journal. The compound was attacked at 9.40pm from over 125 masked men armed with automatic weapons, RPG's and vehicle mounted artillery.
A small of CIA Global Response Staff from Tripoli were on route to Benghazi to help and the main CIA team were ready to go it was 10.05pm but came under fire and was pinned down at their compound until the next day.

Only the small team from Tripoli made it to the compound but the damage had been done by then, Stevens could not be found anywhere.
Glen Doherty and Tyrone S. Woods were ex Navy SEALs contracted to work for the CIA, they died during the fighting. Ambassador Stevens and Information management officer Sean Smith died from probable smoke inhalation. Stevens had been taken to a hospital by persons unknown but was later pronounced dead, he had no other injuries.... Not beaten, sodomized or tortured with a cattle prod as some tea baggers have claimed. The majority of the Libyan people liked and supported the US, there was an outpouring of sympathy from the Libyan public after the attack. 

Bush had thousands of airplanes that could have been hi-jacked, millions of people to look for potential terrorists amongst with the government agencies to do so not even created yet. He also had a week, a month, a year to be ready for, you can't be on high alert forever, hating Muslims wasn't even a thing then, all the assholes were too busy still hating the Mexican immigrants cos illegals were destroying the cuntry ... if only they knew.
Bush didn't know of a plan or a date and didn't have the resources in place anyways, he was busy being unpopular and destroying the healthy economy that Clinton had left him. After 9/11 Bush would become America's hero .... until we discovered truth about the lies and the scandals in 2 un-winnable wars.

 But she's a woman so vote for her.

Hilary had signs of Libyan unrest, some of that was to do with the CIA targeting militias, it was tit for tat. She had actual physical attacks against her personnel, her underlings were well aware of what was going on but provided no further support. They had the date of 11th September to be concerned about but weren't because hey, what the fuck happens in north Africa?        

 For defense spending cuts due to declining threats and not being able to see any new threats because you were too busy getting head from chubby interns.

More concerned with keeping a low profile and of course keeping costs down I'd say that Hilary is more responsible for the Benghazi fuck up than Bush was for preparation for a terrorist attack, Bill Clinton didn't make defense a big deal during his administration so the ground work for failure was already done. He had the troop level as low as it was during the Korean conflict and had scrapped 28 Navy ships because the Cold war was over. 9/11 took the intelligence agencies by surprise but since now that anything was possible Hilary should have prepared for it.
You might not like this outcome but Old Knudsen doesn't care, this is hindsight backed up by obvious event facts. Sometimes you cut corners and win, sometimes you lose.



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