Tuesday, 20 October 2015

What Is Wrong With Us?

We don't want refugees or immigrants because what if they are terrorists? They take our jobs while at the same time take our welfare benefits ... aye, they will multitask and we'll pay for it. Out of sight out of mind so let them suffer elsewhere, not our problem.

Guns don't kill people, people do ... guess what people use to kill when they can easily get access to them.

Guns were invented to kill and some people are happy to have them everywhere because they feel safer??? Aye, not too bright really. Battlefields are not very safe.

Lets use up all the fresh water on lawns and golf courses because who the fuck needs fresh water? 

Lets frack for natural gas and contaminate the ground and water with chemicals because wind turbines are too whirly, spoil the view and will use up all the wind. If we frack in Poland and other eastern European cuntries it'll piss off Russia too who supplies them with fuel and who threaten to cut supplies to get their way.

Here is one of the ways in which we are fucking up society. Ach it's ok, the gun is orange and it's a cartoony shooting of someone's head. Big chunks of bone, hair, brains and skull fly out of real heads when they are shot so this is fine. Every 3 year-old should learn to aim for the head, it'll come in handy for when they reach puberty and hate the world.

    Die you fucker, die! .... you aren't my real dad anyways.

The male child will use anything they find to become a gun if they don't have one. A stick becomes a gun, a pop tart, whatever. GI Joe has a gun, a box of toy soldiers all have guns on them. From an early age they see that having a gun is normal and acceptable. 
Many males grow up fine with happy memories of their American toy soldiers winning against their German soldiers (cos the British uniforms looked shite) These soldiers are dressed for war in the Pacific, the grease gun, M1 Garand and Colt .45 1911 weapons even help younger folk learn too. Now a days the quality of toy soldiers has been dumbed down so you learn shit.
Tesco sells a bucket of toy soldiers of American, British, German and Japanese from WWII, the details are not sharp and they have flashing all over the place. Don't look too closely because while they are WWII era soldiers you'll see that the Americans are as usual superior because many of them have M-16's from the Nam era. Fuck you Tojo, we have the fire power from the future. 

           New information: He was a dick as well. 

Not all kids grow up to be um "normal" whatever that is. There are people who grow up with a skewed idea of reality and of self importance. Sometimes love is not enough, they are just wired differently. We all do stupid things when young but now kids have access to more stuff that can enable them to make the wrong choices, all we had to contend with back in the day was drunk dialing. A phone call can be forgotten but a text or an uploaded photo of yer cock can live on forever. What's the first rule of dick pics? .... NEVER show yer face in them, it's a simple rule. 
Of course once you've seen Old Knudsen's cock you ain't ever gonna forget it ... you may never sleep again too, even Old Knudsen has nightmares about it.

If Adam Lanza, Elliot Roger, James Holmes and all the other young idiots didn't have easy access to firearms would they have still killed? Roger did stab 3 people to death which is an anomaly but would the others? 

A 75 year-old vet took down a 19 year-old who was armed with 2 hunting knives and the geezer saved a class full of children. If the nutter had a gun it probably would have been a slaughter . What I'm saying is that knife attacks will always happen but are more preventable than gun attacks, no one is calling to arm good guys with knives to stop a bad guy, all you need is a trained soldier with old man strength. 
If you've got balls, bitter or not you can stop a knife attack or even a terrorist on a train armed with 2 guns.

You don't need gun courage if you have real courage. I'm sure not all open carry and 2nd amendment enthusiasts are pussies, just the majority. Oh you have a gun, in 5 seconds it's gonna be shoved up yer arse, hope you can still reach the trigger.  

Our TV and Movies are violent, our video games and sports are violent and so are our toys and our heroes. Is it any wonder so many more turn to violence these days? The population rises as does the crime rate. It's a smaller world now and so we tend to hear about crime more. Depending on the media and political agenda we'll hear of blacks guys getting killed by cops but ignore all the white people or every shoot shooting gets mentioned even if it was a grudge getting settled that just so happened at school. We'll hear of every Israeli that gets stabbed or every Palestinian that gets shot .... depends on the agenda.

 I was born ugly with eye problems and now I'm stuck as an undead zombie, show mercy.

Maybe we need to smack the snot out of our kids more so they realise when Thor hits someone with his hammer it really hurts. To avoid any resentment or targeted revenge we should hire someone with a mask to randomly beat up of kids ..... or we should be better role models, ach the beating up is far easier, lets do that.  

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