Friday, 2 October 2015

Shooting Sprees Are The American Way

Chris Harper Mercer was a 26 year-old student. He was of mixed race, he liked Nazis and the IRA, loved guns, was a Conservative but hated organised religion. One of his profiles had him down as being spiritual and into the left-hand path which is Paganism. It wouldn't surprise me if he was a Wiccan as they are usually failed Christians full of issues and sexual abuse.  

He shot 9 people and himself at a community college. It is unclear why except someone said he asked the religion of people and shot Christians. He was also an admired of yon asshole Bryce Williams who gunned down the reporter and cameraman in Virginia not too long ago.Williams in turn admired the shooters at Columbine High School and at Virginia Tech.  It's like a virus of admiration.

I don't get it, why or how could you admire wankers like that? I can't even recall their names, I'd have to look it up. Two dickheads in long coats and an angry Asian dude. I had to look up Bryce Williams. What kind of life must you have to have cowardly losers as yer heroes?   

 Eternal virgin achievement unlocked.

The shooters, Nazis and IRA are all anti-establishment, all bullies and losers, similar to ISIS. The shooters might talk about fame but 2 weeks worth of news and popping up when someone else goes nuts isn't very much fame. These young males on the fringes of society who probably aren't good with people and have felt powerless and insignificant did something bold and people had to take notice. Just look at Dylann Roof, you just know he did the shooting so he would lose his virginity in prison. 

Many socially inept people do not go and shoot unarmed people in order to be the big man so these shooters must have something else lacking in their heads, possibly a break from reality. Maybe they do it to get onto my blog. How will the dead ones know if they made it or not?

 In my defense I thought he was a famous singer.

Charles Manson wanted to start a race war just like Roof had wanted and Elliot Rodger wanted to teach weemen who spurned and would potentially spurn him a lesson. All these asswipes didn't get any of their goals met. There is only 13% of black people in the US, why are white supremacists so threatened? Yeah you go and take yer cuntry back from the um 13% ..... you morons!

 Girl power!

I just watched a program about the KKK in Alabama and they were screaming "White power" and the blacks were screaming, "Black power" I just wanted to go and scream "Turtle power" though I doubt they would have laughed. Both sides as bad as each other. Niggers, Crackers, Blue eyed devils oh whatever. 

The only thing that spree shooters achieve is increasing gun sales. It is in the NRA's interest to have shootings. Every rumour of guns getting banned by Obama also increases gun sales. Makes you wonder just how much of the hatred is manufactured in order to sell guns. Keep the population in fear to sell weapons, destabilize the Middle East to sell weapons. If you didn't have a gun free for all would the NRA have such power over Congress? 

The use of fear to build business isn't a new thing, the Nazis did it in the 1930's. In the 1980's a disease that was difficult to catch but could be blamed on a minority group got the CDC the funding and growth it needed, now every now and again a disease pops up and the CDC gets consulted. 

In 2001 the intelligence agencies in the US were constantly facing cuts and then after a single attack which infected the people with fear Homeland security was created and the NSA got more funding as did FEMA and numerous other ABC agencies. It was only just recently that the NSA and the CIA had to clear drone strikes with the president, such power and resources at their disposal. 

During the stock market crash financial consultants became much sought after as have climate scientists. Fuck cancer research, something might happen in 200 odd years but these issues can get votes and people into power. 

I doubt there is a conspiracy with young males going on sprees in order to sell guns but you can certainly see how they are being pushed towards doing it and enabled by the easy access to guns which do make killing others a lot easier. Guns don't kill people but they do make it far more easy.     



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