Monday, 14 September 2015

You Remind Me Of My Daughter

Remember when Donald Trump said, 'my daughter Ivanka has a great figure and is beautiful, if I wasn't her father I'd date her .... in fact I'd totally demolish her back doors and spunk all over her titties better than she's ever had.'

Or words to that effect. Yeah most probably thought that was well creepy, unlike the story of the father reuniting with his long lost daughter when she was 18 and having a sexual relationship because she felt 'comfortable' with him and who plan to marry and have loads of chinless kids, because that shit is just romantic. They'll be living in New Jersey because adult incest is legal there ... well that explains a lot. 

A senior solicitor aged 57, Alexander Carter-Silk got a friend request via Linkin from younger barrister Charlotte Proudman. He sent her a message saying something like, 'great to connect with you and your profile picture is most stunning' ..... she didn't appreciate being objectified by an old dude (so picky) so she posted his message for all to see. 

She can call her male friends on social media "hot" because well there isn't a 30 year age gap so that's acceptable hypocrisy and less awkward than someone she just wants to further her career with.   

When yer 57 yer standards of beauty change and weemen who were average when you were young are now stunning. Even a basic head and shoulders shot with a hair do straight out of the Lego box gives you the horn, especially if she is coming on to you by sending you a Linkin request .... glad to see it's not just Old Knudsen who can read between the lines. 

I can't remember my Linkin password so don't take offense that I never accepted yer friending on a service that I never use. I do accept friend requests from people all the time on Facebook (no trolls pretending to be real people please) and yes I do see them as giving me the c'mon and if they LIKE my status then that deserves a dick pic in their inbox. 

Is that inappropriate? My ASD or is it my apathy doesn't know or doesn't give a fuck cos that is how I roll. 

    A Dick Cheney pic for yer inbox. 

Alexander Carter-Silk is obviously a wanker though, I know this because he has a double barreled name. Those people think they are soo important they should waste yer time writing more names than usual, was Carter his maiden name? .... nope he's just a wanker so it's fitting that he's a lawyer, or solicitor as we Brits call them. You can get arrested for soliciting ya know. 

Carter-Silk did a Trump, he posted a picture of his 27 year-old daughter Ellie who is a fitness trainer and the same age as Proudman and typed, "While I should not encourage lascivious comments about my daughter… Yeee gods she is hot" it's a black and white picture, she is fully made up and doesn't look that hot in other pics but beauty is in the eye of the masturbator. 

Would it be appropriate to comment, 'I bet she's a right psycho hose beast that could suck the skin right off my pork sword with that horsey mouth' or would a discreet LIKE do the trick? 

Clicking LIKE is a way of saying, I've seen your post or I agree but can't say what I really think or if yer feeling too lazy to comment or think a comment might come over as being negative or if yer being passive aggressive. People take and use the LIKE button in so many different ways. Clicking LIKE on an animal cruelty post doesn't mean you condone animal cruelty, if you did I wouldn't think anything less of you ... could I think anything less? I reckon I'm at the bottom of yer barrel matey. 

Here is a picture of my daughter Angie from my 7th marriage maybe???? Was there even a wedding? I do black out a lot.  I'm always telling her to go and put some clothes on and have caught her many times not wearing any underwear, it's shocking ....  she never remembers to lock the bathroom door either, I rush in and take pictures of her to cause embarrassment so she'd lern a valuable life lesson. What if some old creepy guy kept waiting for her to take a dump so he could rush in with a camera? 

My daughter is at that age where she doesn't come round to visit, probably poisoned by things my ex has said about me, all lies obviously. So I miss out on cranking up the heat and just watching her sleep as she throws off the covers or watching the footage when she brings home a date, all the little milestones you all take for granted. 

However, saying that yer daughter is hot totally crosses the line, what a sick fucker. Those pervy fathers should remind themselves before they make comments like that, that those gurls are somebody's daughter.    


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