Sunday, 6 September 2015

Shift In Perception

 We must stop these swarms of migrants!

So the British call their foreigners "migrants" but it's said with a sneer and really means "illegal alien" which is what the right wing Americans call Hispanics, even the totally legal ones cos they don't got the smarts.

We were shocked at loads of black men at the French port of Calais trying to get into the back of trucks in order to get into Britain. The news outlets had us convinced they were all going to claim benefits while they rape our weemen and be all durty and foreigner like all over our precious Britishness.

 Lets get to Britain so we can breed with their ugly weemen and get paid for it by the tax payer.

As usual Old Knudsen was ahead of the crowd and was saying how that if we invade cuntries and bomb the fuck out of them we should accept responsibility for those fleeing the conflict. He has been saying this for a good while now because he sees the shite that gets called news and he forms his own opinions ... shocking huh. 
Other cuntries that aren't even fighting in the Middle East have stood up and have taken these "migrants" for years but not the UK or the US. Even those in Afghanistan who worked as interpreters for the military got shit on and told to fend for themselves cos we don't want them ... the Tallyban do want them but not in a nice way. 
I saw an article where a Swedish guy was asked if Sweden should take more asylum seekers and he said "yes" and then he was asked even if it meant that he paid more taxes? He replied straight away, "yes I would if it meant helping someone" .... FUCK! could you imagine a Brit saying that? "bloody government taxes you and pays for lazy people on the Dole"  an American would probably have a heart attack as they have a natural knee jerk reaction to taxes and laws in general, they shouldn't apply to them and why should anyone have it easy, they didn't ? ..... yeah, living under the poverty line is sooo easy. 

      Three year-old Aylan Kurdi

Then it happened, the thing that didn't happen at Sandy Hook or during Operation Protective Edge, people appeared to care about children dying the way that they should care. Bodies washed up on a beach in Turkey, they were asylum seekers from Syria trying to get to Sweden by way of Greece but their small, overcrowded boat capsized.
Aylan's little body lying face down in the surf with his red shirt on went viral more than any of the other bodies. Only his father Abdullah was the only one who survived from the Kurdi family, he lost his wife and his 3 year-old and 4 year-old sons. He now wants to return to Syria to bury them and to sit by their graves until he himself dies.

Now all of a sudden they are called refugees and everyone loves them ..... but only from Syria, got it? ... maybe some from Iraq if they pretend to be from Syria.  

I was deeply moved by the photo but instead of helping them we need to beat ISIS and stabilize the region, US intel say that ISIS are hiding in Assad's palace so we'll bomb that. It's what Aylan would want. 

Has David Cameron been promoting austerity all this time, cutting programs, closing hospitals, cutting the military and police in order to plead poor and convince the British people we're full up and struggling to get by? Nicely played, we really feel like we're fucked, it'd take a lot for us to want to bring in a load of Muslims.

Germany have already put us to shame by taking in 800,000 refugees. It wasn't that long ago they were doing Nazi like rallies against Muslims. Spoiler alert! Stay out of the shower units and if you see any ovens, run.

Cameron was forced into vaguely saying how the UK will do its duty but his word is worth nothing, ask a Scot if you don't believe that. He also announced a further £100m in humanitarian aid for camps in Syria, Turkey, Jordan and the Lebanon. What £100m?  Where the fuck did that come from Davey boy? Lets not go mad, where are our new nurses and can you do something about all the potholes? 

 Then I said we'd do out duty.

Public opinion has spoken, they don't like dead toddlers on beaches, it makes them sad. Yeah fuck the numerous other deaths. Public opinion is a very strange thing. It reminds me of when cute white kids that get abducted are never out news but the brown or black ones barely get a mention. Aylan's face wasn't visible, he could have been anyone's child lying there, maybe that is why it worked. An anonymous every child. 

This picture weeks before prepped us for the fact that these migrants refugees might actually be real people, humans that love their children.

Bob Geldof has jumped on this band wagon as Africans are so 1980's. The trendy activist who recently said that weemen need to be educated into not having as many children (he could be the next Pope with tact like that) is worth around £32 million has said he'd house 4 refugee families in his two homes until they got on their feet and made their own purchases. 

Is he expecting refugee CEO's or something? Africans would have loved that offer and so would the homeless in the UK and Ireland, I guess the picture of Aylan really did make him sad ... much like the effect his Bandaid songs have on me. 

Four families Googled him and saw how many people around him seem to kill themselves and said, "we aren't that badly off, it's only 100 miles to Germany, we'll make it in no time."  

Old Knudsen approves of helping refugees, some good needs to come out of this shite. For once it isn't them and us who we fear for being different, it's "oh those poor people" that right there is why Donald Trump will fail in his presidential bid, people are just sick and tired of divisive politics and being used and told to think things that no nice, decent person should be thinking. 

Humanitarians don't build walls to keep poor desperate people at bay, they empathize and think, 'there go I but for the grace of Gog' and lend a hand.

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