Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Jared Fogle Eats Fresh

Lets just get the younger girls in the picture. 

Jared Fogle the used to be fat pedophile is complaining about the unfair prison system. "I can't shower alone and everyone keeps telling me how they want a Jared Fogle sandwich then laughing, whatever that means and the other guys won't let me watch the Disney channel." 

Fogle's favourite show is Hannah Montana which he used to watch in re-runs all the time, he stopped listening to Miley Cyrus music when she got older as her early stuff had more feeling and depth and way less pubes.  

The still loyal Subway fan he suggests you eat Subway to promote a more healthy and balanced diet and to combat obesity so you'll have more energy chasing the kids around .... parents that is.  

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