Thursday, 16 April 2015

Jack The Ripper Revealed

Experts from the science department of the university of Canbridge started 4 months ago in anylising what they believe are the fingerprints of the famous serial killer Jack the Ripper found on a knife near one of the gruesome murders.

The Hibit's Spectroscopic Analyzer is a device named after Dr Rupert Hibit of the university which can pinpoint the differentiation within the absorption line thus reading degraded fingerprints that couldn't possibly be read before. 

Jack the Ripper killed 5 women in London in the late 1800's and then was never heard of again. Suspects for the murders have ranged from Polish immigrants to Prince Albert the Duke of Clarence. 

Retired NYPD cold-case detective Ed Norris says it is a criminal named James Kelly who stabbed his wife to death in 1883 and then escaped prison in 1888. (the time of the murders) Norris then said that Kelly may have been responsible for murders in the US. Kelly turned himself in in 1927 and died 2 years later of natural causes. 

And Jack the Ripper is ....

Simon Besksford, who coincidentally enough is a researcher at Canbridge university. Dr Hibit was not available for a comment, probably quite shaken and distressed that someone he knew and had worked with turned out to be Jack the Ripper. 

Modern science coming to the rescue once again, case closed.   

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