Saturday, 7 March 2015

Yer Arse Is A Meme

The first rule of blogging is that you don't blog about blogging .... or is it you make sure you have a graphic warning announcement before posting violence images ach I can't remember. The first picture is used to manipulate people into clicking to see more. For every new click onto my blog Old Knudsen gets a soul.

Fuck you John Constantine you powerful mage with an annoying Scouse accent. Don't ya just hate it when chicks stand half naked at their windows? ... go put some fuckin clothes on.

Just a few memes I do out of the boredom of being trapped in this human body just because I rebelled against God back in the day .... well he shouldn't have been such a dick, I regret nothing!

Some of the complications of measles can be Pneumonia, hepatitis, meningitis, encephalitis, blindness and heart problems. Roald Dahl's daughter Olivia was 7 years-old when she died of measles encephalitis in 1962. That's inflammation of the brain, nothing the doctors could have done then and still couldn't today.
The measles death rate is around one in every 1,000 infected in developed countries and the chance of a bad reaction to the vaccine is about one in a million. The measles vaccination does not cause autism and even if it did I'm sure that Dahl would have rather have that than no daughter at all.

Anti-vaxxers are paranoid uniformed idiots like those who reject modern medicine to battle cancer in favour of coffee enemas and healthy veggie shakes. Recently a young Australian woman lost her 7 year battle with cancer, while I can't blame her for being afraid and turning to woo, she encouraged others to do the same. Life is a risk, if you don't want to play then leave, just don't put others at risk because YOU are dumb. 

I do think that Cap should lay off the Super Soldier Serum for a while though. 

The Westboro Baptist Church were going to picket Leonard Nimoy's funeral because ... um reasons? Maybe because he was an atheist and was friendly to gheys. Does crazy need a reason? WELL DOES IT? ...HUH? ....HUH?
Anyway the family made the service private and the WBC couldn't find out where it was being held. Is it just me or have they lost their edge? I shall pray for them and may Baphomet answer my prayers. 
I have not condemned Tony Blair enough. Besides the overspending and celeb parties, oh and getting us into Bush's invasion over lies about WMD, that cunt waited until he was out of office before converting to Catholicism ... Being a Taig is bad enough but one that isn't brave enough to stand up and say, "I'm a Fenian cock sucker and proud of it" deserves Old Knudsen's scorn. If you see Blair, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and cuntileezer Rice in the street, make a citizens arrest and hold them there until I turn up with my rape van holding van. The fuckers need to pay, how many lives do they owe? 

Daesh throwing gheys off roofs and feeding a woman a meal that had bits of her son in is getting old. Like how they called Howard Stern a Shock Jock and after a while no one cared. Be nice to people, that would shock us. The 3, 16 year-old gurls who ran off to join Daesh, enjoy yer rape, they really don't let the gurls do any fighting, they just get them to pose for social media to lure idiots in. Weemen in the Daesh world are for breeding while goats are for sexual pleasure.

Anjem Choudary is a Daesh minded Muslim why didn't you take him with you, of that's right he likes western life a little too much. It was said about him, "Anjem one of those thick-as-mince gobby little chancers who could only possibly come from Britain." We have sooo many. 
Northern Ireland has it's own thick-as-mince gobby little chancers who are Daesh minded people who pretend to be Christian but would gladly blow up and shoot people if they could get away with it. Right now it's tit for tat politics over naming a park after an IRA terrorist and government buildings not being allowed to sell remembrance day poppies on their premises .... fucking stupid shit really, I always go to the Jobs and Benefits or the tax office to buy my poppy ... not!  

 Derek needed very little encouragement. 

That is one photo album I'd like to see.  

Old Knudsen finds it kinda comforting to know that no matter what, Captain Kirk will always be consistent which is why when Old Knudsen is stuck in life he always asks, 'what would Captain Kirk do?' and that is what I tell the judge.

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