Friday, 6 March 2015

Jihad John Ate My Hamster

Jihad John may be the big boogeyman created by Daesh and the media but a clearer picture about him is being pieced together through stories from his school friends and teachers. Ya can't go by those Muslin rights people from CAGE say, very dodgy that lot are.

The Muhammad Emwazi I knew was a humble, lovely man.... we don't believe you!

A socially awkward loner who received brain damage when he banged his head on a goal post, he probably also got brain damage when he almost drown in a swimming pool and from when he was 14 and his danger wank went wrong which cut off the blood supply to his brain. 

His teachers knew him to have anger issues and later on in university he expressed anti-Semitic views, so yeah, he is quite the dickhead. He admired gangsta rappers, drank vodka and smoked the pot and never had a girlfriend . No wonder he went into I.T. I bet he fit in well with the rest of the crazies in that field. 
Going Jihad for people like him is just as way to act the big man with like minded losers. 

Old Knudsen was delivering Bibles to the starving people of war torn Syria when he was captured by Daesh (the proper name for ISIS or IS) they took me to a secured windowless room where they tortured me for hours with they crappy wailing music they play, the Black eyed peas I think it was ... so awful. I don't care about her junk in her trunk, sell the stuff on eBay.

Jihadi John was very popular with the fighters who didn't have weemen. While Daesh are against gheys there are still things they can do without getting flogged. Emwazi got his name John because fighters enjoyed taking a dump on his chest and jerking off to him rubbing it in. When they would say, "I'm going to the John" we all knew what John they meant. You thought it was about the Beatles?

Is there a factory that makes these cunts?

Besides the music, the beatings and not being able to tell them apart it was the caps that I had trouble with the most. Curl those fucking brims for fucks sake, why not wear a sign that says 'I am a douche bag?' I bet they also wear the collars of their polo shirts up.
I had to get out of there so ate the end off my finger and picked the lock of my cell with me finger bones and escaped. 
Anyone who says that MI-5 radicalized Emwazi are morons. He tried to get to Tanzania to join Al Shabaab in Somalia before MI-5 talked to him, aye as if spidey London twats go on safari as he claimed to be doing. Joining Daesh and cutting off heads .... no one makes you do that sort of thing, this isn't a Saw movie.  
I just have to mention Avijit Roy, the blogger who was hacked to death in Bangladesh. He was singled out because he blogged against extremism and had US citizenship. He compared religious terrorism to a virus and how it takes a hold of you and has you acting crazy and sweeps across nations. 
He was still naive enough to ignore death threats, thinking he could reason with them if they tried anything, he obviously didn't really understand what he is dealing with. I'd compare it to a cancer that needs to be cut out. Roy was far more brave than the two cunts who killed him, as were the anti-extremist author killed near where Roy was killed 11 years ago and the Atheist blogger killed there in 2013. 

Taslima Nasreen who left Bangladesh because of death threats wrote on her blog, "Bangladesh has become a safe haven for Islamists where they can do whatever they like, no free thinker is safe in Bangladesh."
Old Knudsen salutes all the free thinkers. The group Ansar Bangla-7 are thought to have carried out the attack on Roy. 

That group, Al Shabaab, Al Qaeda, Daesh and whoever else are all cowards. Like the Lee Rigby attack it was two armed men against one unarmed man though Roy's wife was wounded in the attack she was not the target. 
Two against one and they have machetes or it's a tied up bloke with big tough John boy with a knife. 

They are nothing but bullies who gang up and ambush smaller soft targets. Does Allah not believe in honour then or are his followers just chicken shit? 

People with blogs scare the Islamists because deep down they know it isn't Islam what they are doing but if they can silence all the better educated and more intelligent voices they can continue to fool themselves because it's not as if they can debate using the Koran, just like how many Christians haven't read the Bible. 

Bloggers will never be silenced because there is truth that needs to be told. 


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