Monday, 16 February 2015

Manson's Love Reaches The Glass Ceiling

You may remember that Old Knudsen has friends in high and low places, yes some of those may be in prison but that is usually because they never listened to Old Knudsen.

Rule #1 if you kill someone you never ever speak of it to anyone, you certainly don't let a load of hippies do yer killing for you, what kind of lame ass killer do you have to be to do that?

Charles Manson or Chucky as I call him used to be a disciple of Old Knudsen's back in the days of free love and mind expanding drugs, now you have to pay for the love and yon drugs rot yer teeth and make you paranoid, it's a very different world now.   

I had to get rid of him as he wasn't cult material. It wasn't his poor standard of education or his low class roots, he was just a dick. No offense Chucky and thanks for the help on the book I wrote called, 'Manson and me' while it was big in Liberia it didn't sell very well elsewhere. 

Time went on and since I couldn't use Chucky to make money I stopped visiting him ... yes, I am a shallow user. Others have moved in there to try to make money off the Manson brand. There were those 3 gurls who did that song MMMBop

Then there was Star (named by Manson) otherwise known as Afton Elaine Burton who is a criminal groupie. She has gushed about what a great guy Manson is and how he's been misrepresented in the media. She started communicating with him from the age of 16 and built up a relationship which saw her moving closer to the prison. It's true that Chucky has been misrepresented by the media, Manson didn't have the balls to kill anyone himself and thought he was safe by getting drugged out hippies to do it to try to start a race war.

Star has the slender body and face and the long straight hair of the typical Manson follower, she can pull off the creepy hippy chick look. In any other setting she might be attractive but being a Manson fan means that she ain't all there and Old Knudsen wouldn't touch her with yer dick.

Chucky is a bit of a manipulator and gets bored behind bars. His long time friend Craig Hammond nicknamed Grey Wolf has been there for Manson for over 4 decades and was even arrested for smuggling a cell phone to Manson.
When caught he pretended that he had a medical condition in which voices and ringtones could be heard from his arse ... you hear about how much germs are on phones but seriously dude.
To prove their devotion to him, Manson got Star and Grey Wolf to shave off all their hair and got both of them to cut a mark into their heads. Grey Wolf didn't notice the shave that much.  

Manson must chuckle to himself at the stupidity of his friends and followers but it's a good test. I guess Star passed and has set up web pages about the proxy murderer/wannabe cult leader. She considers herself to be his wife though no formal ceremony has taken place and no conjugal visits are allowed.  Manson is 80 so the lack of old man cock probably suits her fine, I doubt she goes without on that score.

Late last year they applied for a marriage license, the ceremony would have to take place on a visiting day and still no sexy time allowed for the silly old git. For some reason the 'official' wedding didn't take place.
Earlier this year Manson was caught trying to smuggle his jizz out to make Star pregnant. The whole Star deal was Manson working towards having her conceive so he could raise a child with his beliefs, while Manson may think he'll live forever he still wants a legacy.

I had advised him on how to smuggle his man sauce out, what you do is get a pair of yer crusty old socks and say she is going to do yer laundry but instead she heats them up in the microwave for 10 seconds then shoves them up her muff and voila, a baby without the yucky old Manson sex ... it's science bitches!

Of course Manson didn't listen and tried the silence of the lambs method of flinging the jizz and now Grey Wolf has herpes .... real slick Chucky.

 No sense makes sense ~ Charles Manson.

Manson wasn't the only manipulator. Brainwashing Star to move closer and become his wife is an obvious ploy as many nutjobs are attracted to the Manson legend, murderers get marriage proposals all the time.

I really hate that smug looking cunt.    

Scott Peterson who murdered his wife and unborn baby was only on Death row for an hour before the first marriage proposal came in from an 18 year-old woman.

Richard Allen Davis who kidnapped and killed 12-year old Polly Klaas gets tons of proposals. Richard Ramirez who killed 13 people married one such whack job who wrote to him for 11 years. He died in prison of natural causes before the needle got anywhere near him ... a real pity.

I am in a glass case of emotion!

Now it turns out that Manson was being used too, Star wasn't the gormless idiot she appeared to be. There has to be money made from Manson, it'll be in a form of a book when he dies, maybe a made for TV movie. Also Star was hoping that being his legal wife she'd be able to put his body in a glass case and charge admission.

She was thinking of having him stuffed and turned into an edgy coat rack but the law is more rigid about things like that.   

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