Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Obama/Disney Agenda

For fear of being called racist WE NEED BREATHING ROOM!! Only kidding, fuck all people of colour be it pink, black, blue or whatever else you've got. Not everyone is as enlightened as Old Knudsen and have fucked up the world because of this. I'll address the issues that others fear to.

Nick Fury, the Director of Shield is white! Turning him black is racist! See how that works? People go on about 'they should use real native Americans to play the part' or 'Those Japanese actors are really Chinese.'
The WWII generation is called the greatest generation, white people fighting white people ... it was awesome!

I don't ever remember any Norse Gods being black either .... why would the white Vikings have a black god? .... it doesn't make sense. 

I'll tell you why white roles are being taken by black actors ....besides the 'token' effect it's Obama's fault! Aye I'm being totally racist just talking about this but in the era of Je Suis Charlie it's ok to be racist. 

Obama and Disney have joined together to push their evil agendas. We all know that Obama is a reptilian from the planet Zarok and well Disney has been evil for years, they own Marvel and can now do as they please. They also own Star Wars, I bet Darth Vader gets a white paint job and Han Solo becomes a brother.

 The cold never bothered me anyway.

Walt Disney has been frozen in a cryogenic chamber while he waits to be restored back to health ... only evil fuckers do that kind of shit. Maybe Obama promised him power from his lizard tech. 

So in Disney Infinity 2.0 you'll see the Obama/Disney conditioning used on our youth. U.N. soldiers wandering the streets of New York like some kind of vision of the future. Yes take all the guns so the Reptilians can take over. 
That isn't the worse of the brain washing that Obama/Disney are doing to our children and older male virgins. 

NYPD officers running around the city with fake guns with orange tips ... how are they supposed to shoot black people, maybe that's the point. 

While GTA teaches yer kids that cops are out to get them and only touch the strippers when the doorman isn't looking ... you know, good ol American values, this Disney game is getting yer kids ready for a future of oppression. You can pick them up and drop kick them into the ocean, but they always come back.

Nick Fury, a well armed black man has a special ability in which he turns invisible to  attack the enemy. Is that what we want, well armed black men who can cloak?  Sure his guns have an orange cap on them but I feel intimidated, where are the police when you need someone gunned doon .... oh that's right, the U.N. have disarmed them, I hope you 'don't militarize the police' Liberals are happy.

Charlie Hebdo is just the excuse we need to spy on our own people and arm everyone as 9/11 was wearing a little thin.
If France arms its people then the UK may also arm them. Sure nations of functioning alcoholics shouldn't really be given firearms but the Muslims are forcing us towards it. When we get rid of Obama in 2016 we need true Americans like Jeb Bush or Ted Nugent to take the helm. 

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