Monday, 26 January 2015

I Sea God

 God ignores yer prayers cos he hates you. 

What does Northern Ireland have? .... a poor reputation and fuck all nice things and why? Cos cunts break our nice things. 
We don't have religious tolerance or gender equality that's for sure and one of the ruling parties likes to remind the people that they live in a Theocracy but want it to be their brand. 

When arseholes aren't trying to blow people up or have riots over flags, we are trying to cash in on our Game of Thrones, Dracula untold and The Fall links to get tourists ... Jamie Dornan's beard had lunch here. 

We only get tourists when they come here by accident when they really meant to go to the Republic of Ireland not Northern Ireland, the former not being a part of the UK and a totally different cuntry .... no matter what the shiners say.

We need more shit for tourists to go and see so we can separate them from their money.

A statue of the Celtic sea god Manannán was cut from it's base with an angle grinder from a mountain top above Limavady.  Manannán is a good mate of mine and has been a very important deity throughout history to Celtic island settlers long before Christianity took over. He is featured in Irish, Scots, Manx and Welsh legend, the Isle of Man was named after him for fucks sake.

The local people are not very happy about this theft and Limavady mayor Gerry Mullan said, "The theft was premeditated and was not a random act of vandalism" how does he know this?

The Christian fundamentalists responsible kinda left behind a 5 foot tall cross with 'Thou Shalt  Have No Other Gods Before Me' in its place.

News outlets have reported it said  'no false gods' but it's Northern Ireland, high standards and accountability do not apply here, lucky Old Knudsen returned to this tagnut on the arse of Great Britain to point out what fucking amateurs the lot of them are.  

If I was getting paid I'd type your or you're instead of yer but I don't, these people do get paid but don't care cos their uncle got them the job and they think their ..... oh sorry there readers are idiots. 

The statue was a part of the Roe Valley Sculpture Trail aimed at boosting tourism in 2013... It must have taken them a while to come up with the plan.
The kind of people who did this are the same kind who try to get a lifetime ban on all ghey blood donors, are against ghey marriage, say no to abortion .... even in cases of rape and incest and take the scriptures literally, just like those radical Islamists but allegedly Christian though their actions say otherwise.

They are also hypocrites as number 8 in the commandments has Thou shalt not steal,  Do you think they follow Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour? .... nah, I bet they are lying shites and try to blame someone else when the police come knocking and knocking they will. Ya just had to go and covet, didn't you.

Yes the number one commandment proves that there are more than one god and that the Christian god is a bit insecure. When you date someone do you have to spell it out to them, 'hey since we're dating I'd appreciate it if you didn't fuck anyone else, and that includes oral sex too since yer a bit of a slut' .... aye that talk should wait until at least the second date huh.

This vandalism shows you the degradation of morals in today's society, these people may think they are God's soldiers (like ISIS) but in reality they are a big part of the problem. How many sleepless nights did a sculpture on a cliff top cause them? You stupid fucks, get a life.

The people of Northern Ireland really will go out of their way to be offended, worse than white US liberals when a black guy gets shot.
The ruling party of Norn Iron would love to teach creationism in schools and in museums and places of science and so I wouldn't be surprised if it was a DUP loving creationist did this.

There is just too much stupid in Northern Ireland, you could certainly compare it to the red states of the US, if only Jesus would fly doon and smite them with his big hammer.


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