Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Heaven Found In Clouds

Scientists from the West Tennessee University of Christ say they have found proof for the existence of God and indeed Heaven itself.

After a month long expedition to find the place where Moses landed the Ark after the great flood they were returning to the US by plane and happened to notice a set of gates in the clouds. They circled the gates and got closer until a famous figure came out to them.

Newton Granger senior God spotter said, "It was definitely our lord God I'd recognize him anywhere. He came flying out very angry, shouting at us to get off his cloud and threatened to slay us and our families and friends laying waste to every city we've ever set foot in, that's the kind of thing you'd expect to hear from him so I am indeed very pleased."

Old Knudsen always admits when he's wrong .... aye he's never wrong. First there is all the stuff said in the Bible and now this. I guess the Christian God does exist, I hope he's not as pissed off and blood thirsty as he is in the Bible, lets hope he has mellowed out over the past couple of thousand years. 

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