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The Strange Death Of Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy was a lovely lass and a decent actress, when she died I had and still do have the feeling that it shouldn't have happened. As if it wasn't one of those fixed points in time thing it just didn't feel right.
Then again her marriage to Simon Monjack didn't feel right either. He was a fat ugly Brit who failed as a screenwriter, film director and producer, maybe he thought that marrying Brittany would be his golden ticket.

I don't know, I get the feeling she was a nice gurl, quite easy to manipulate and Monjack seemed like a sleazy type willing to do this. Seriously what did she see in him? His film making career consisted of a movie that no one watched starring a guy from a British boy band from the 80's Bros and disputes over getting credit for screenplays he had nothing to do with. 

Murphy dated Old Knudsen after her break up from Asshole Kutcher, she wanted rid of the bad taste he left in her mouth, Old Knudsen was happy to help.

Did anyone know about the conspiracy around her death? On 20th December 2009 she died of pneumonia, with secondary anemia and multiple prescription drug intoxication, over the counter meds for a cold or respiratory infection, she was aged 32.

He mother Sharon Murphy was with her but even though her daughter had difficulty breathing for an hour she only called 9/11 when she collapsed. Her mother wasn't happy about the coroner's report and went on about toxic mold having poisoned her but there was no evident of that.

Five months later Simon Monjack aged 40 also died, he had pneumonia, with secondary anemia too. Sharon found his body, in fact they were both living in Brittany's hoose and only one bed was in use .... make up yer own minds about that .... get me mind bleach stat! Yet Sharon who was living in the hoose never succumbed to any moldy theory.  

The symptoms of  pneumonia can be similar to other problems such as poisoning. Brittany's father went to court to have samples of her hair released and had it tested. She had 10 ten heavy metals in her system which can be found in such things as rat poison and insecticides.
Brittany had been afraid that she was under surveillance before her death and was sure that people had been in her home while she was out and had cameras installed in every room but people put that doon to the paranoia of a drug user but we know that she wasn't on drugs.


Now let me introduce Julia Davis, she  worked for the Department of Homeland Security at San Ysidro port in customs and border protection. In 2003, the average amount of immigrants per month from “special interest” countries was 10 -15 , this meant people from countries that had links to terrorism.  They get in depth questioning and fingerprinted before being allowed into the US.

DHS had information that Al Qaeda would try to penetrate the border on 4th July 2004, it was a date to watch. That day 23 aliens from “Special Interest” countries were processed through the port in a period of 10 hours.
Davis noticed this unusual increase and found discrepancies in the reports filed on these immigrants.

She alerted the Port Director of a possible security breach and intended to make a report to the Port's Intelligence Unit, only to discover that the entire DHS intelligence staff was on leave for the 4th of July holiday.
Despite suggestions from the Port Director to file the report and await further instructions, Davis, followed  protocol and reported her concern to the FBI joint terrorism task force.

Custons and Border Protection Commissioner Robert Bonner was asked about the report by a LA times journalist.
Bonner then directed Department of Homeland Security's San Diego office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement to investigate Julia Davis and to discredit her.  Davis was subjected to 19 Internal Affairs investigations which later increased to 54 investigations.

(Bonner was George W Bush's darling who could do no wrong, the former Federal judge and head of the DEA had gotten bad press during the Space shuttle  challenger disaster when he tried to pervert the investigation into what caused the death of the astronauts.) 

Davis' supervisor Susan Botwell who was a less experienced DHS officer than Davis had been mostly administrative but now harassed and targeted Davis along with other Port management and eventually forced Davis to resigned.  Davis filed a lawsuit against the DHS .... they didn't like that.  

A Blackhawk Helicopter and a Special Response Team consisting of  28 federal agents armed with assault weapons landed on the lawn of Julia Davis' home. That was more than Osama Bin laden got.

They had mistaken Julia's mother for her when they gave the raid the green light to go.

They did not have a search warrant and spent 1 hr 45 mins at the home. They slammed her father onto the ground and cuffed him (one of his fingers was broken while being thrown down) then sat him outside under the hot sun. He asked them what they were doing but they only laughed and said his daughter was a domestic terrorist.

Inside they had their weapons pointed at Julia's mother, the laser dots on her forehead. They laughed thinking that they had Julia but her mother told them otherwise then the guns were pointed elsewhere. 

Julia's neighbour, Matthew Judd videotaped the landing helicopter and raid from his balcony. The 25 year-old thought it was part of a movie as Julia's husband was a movie producer. After a while he realised it was the real thing and his nervous voice can be heard on the tape saying, "I think they've seen me" as he backs into his house.

Agents can been seen carrying numerous boxes out into the helicopter.

What is the Brittany Murphy link? Susan Botwell the supervisor who was out to discredit Davis had a daughter who was trying to break into the movie industry, she had met Murphy through auditions.

Susan Botwell told her supervisors that on the day Davis reported the 23 strange immigrants she was really elsewhere working on a movie with her husband BJ.
The story of this movie allegedly came from Brittany Murphy. It seems that Davis was in this movie with Burt Reynolds if you can believe him still being in movies.

Davis' husband BJ the movie producer quickly contacted Brittany who denied ever saying a thing about any movie and had her lawyer write up a statement saying as much.

So what we've got is an out of control DHS during Bush's reign as preez. These agents are highly motivated to get results and to be seen to be needed by the American public that they engage in lots of sting operations in order to stop the terrorists, in fact they have been known to enable and push the terrorist suspects along and then arrest them before they act, even though they couldn't have gotten that far if it wasn't for DHS helping them.

Instead of preventing terrorism they are making terrorist scenarios up.  

Every time the news would have a report of a thwarted terrorist attack you'd see Bush on the TV signing another bill into law that restricted the freedoms of Americans all in the name of homeland security. 

Julia Davis the HDS whistleblower 

After giving her the tape, Julia's neighbour, Matthew Judd who had filmed the DHS raid was found dead, sitting on his couch. The cause of death .... pending. 

Three people connected to this case dead in strange circumstances but either glossed over or just blocked. Brittany had been named as a witness in the Davis lawsuit against the DHS and if she had testified there would have certainly been a lot more publicity to the case.  Was all of this just damage control?

Julia and BJ Davis were eventually cleared of all criminal charges brought against them by the government. The government was ordered to return all property seized in two warrant-less searches and to “seal and destroy” arrest records. 

Julia successfully sued the DHS. The agency settled the lawsuit two weeks before the trial. BJ and Julia Davis have now produced a documentary film about their plight, entitled “Top Priority: The Terror Within”.

Brittany Murphy's death now seems even more strange. 

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