Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Hi-tech General Assassinated

Computer nerd General assassinated.

Recently in Afghanistan Major General Harold Greene was shot and killed while inspecting the officer training academy at Camp Qargha modeled after the UK's Sandhurst or the US's Westpoint if you will.

As I've told you before, top ranking US officers can be made to retire if the Pentagon isn't pleased with their actions or if they refuse to play ball then you may get a nasty accident or even some green on blue action like in this case. 

You can trust me, I've been here for 3 years.

The soldier who opened fire had been recruited 3 years previously and was on guard. He opened fire with his American M-16 killing the General and wounding 15 others. He was definitely a sleeper assassin but for who?

I predicted a third General getting killed in my December 2013 post, it's as if I know some shit, isn't it?  

If you look at Greene you'll see a man into the tech side of war, never seeing combat but now he finds himself in Afghanistan.

Soldiers no longer have to think during combat.

Greene had served as the commanding officer of the Natick Soldier Systems Center in Massachusetts, they have long been developing the Future Force Warrior  which makes the warrior of the future more robotic and stronger with the use of exoskeletons.
The Pentagon has been granting large contracts to OmniCorp (a company created by Haliburton executives) for R&D to look into endoskeletons and other internal mechanized parts rather than just exoskeletons.

The US is moving away from putting boots on the ground during conflicts because it just cannot afford it, drones and other high tech methods of spying and killing have come into the forefront. 

General Greene supervised the training of recruits for the high tech world and would use iPads and videogames as a training tool, he was a thoroughly modern soldier. 

You can't win a war on drones alone so they are being used to bridge the gap until the next generation of troops can be made ready, the soldiers that the Pentagon want to use will be better and fewer than what they have now.  

After 9/11,  troop levels suffered enough to lower hiring requirements. There was a growing number of regular, highly trained soldiers who were disabled and not fit for combat but still wanted to serve their country as that was all they knew. 
I think that Greene saw how far OmniCorp were going on the future soldier program and considered it unethical, or maybe he was one of the officers that thwarted Obama from setting off nukes as my December post says? 
Soldiers with no legs, now with exoskeletons and a feed going back to HQ on everything they hear and see, like drones these soldiers will carry out search and clear duties with facial recognition software because to be honest, the sand savages all look the same to western eyes. 

With airstrikes in Iraq they want soldiers to fight ISIS, but not the regular type of soldier as they will have their asses handed to them.   

Labour laws and the heat will not affect the soldier of the future, nor will free will as they will have their programming backed up by a handler thousands of miles away. 

Even US Generals have to watch their backs these days and with the US retiring many of their officers over the rank of Major they can afford to lose a few.


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