Tuesday, 10 June 2014

British Values

David Cameron wants to bring back British values .... always a sign that a politician can't handle things in the present day when they look to some kind of idyllic version of what we are because the truth hurts.
He needs to come to Northern Ireland, we are so fuckin British we throw Union flags during riots, the ones we don't throw are on every available lamp post or protecting us from the rain/water cannons.

We take loyalty to the crown so seriously that we are still following anti-Catholic laws from Queen Elizabeth I Gawd save her majesty's soul.

So don't go lookin for polite people drinking tea, we bricked their windys and told them to get out, we is the real British peeple an we have values for our smartphones, tracksuits, gold chains an walkin where the fuck we wan that's British values.    

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