Thursday, 29 May 2014

Rolf Harris TV Icon

I've always liked Rolf Harris, throughout the years he has been consistently entertaining and seemed like a nice bloke. A treasure that Britain borrowed from Australia. To those who don't know him he's an artist who did super fast paintings of the Australian outback during his children's TV art shows and half way through he'd always ask, "Can you tell what it is yet?" which became his catchphrase.
Harris with his wife and daughter. 
The pretend smiles looked more creepy and smug than 'we're resilient'

Now a friend of his daughter brought forth charges that he had indecently assaulted her and groomed her from the age of 13.  Why come out now? that was 40 years ago.

We saw the same with Jimmy Savile, the victims did not think they would ever be believed as they were accusing a star/television icon of pedophilia. In this case she has correspondence throughout the decades from Rolf that seemed a little inappropriate for a man 35 year-older to be sending to a young girl.
Harris claims that she may have flirted with him but he only had sex with her when she was 18. Why did she continue to have sex with him? she was a little afraid of him and going by her accounts of becoming an alcoholic during those years she no doubt had little self worth, she was taught to be a victim by Harris.

Various other women have come out and said how Rolf fondled them, he was like an octopus even while posing for pictures his hidden hand would be busy.

Harris admits having affairs with this friend of his daughter as well as another woman who stayed with him and his wife when she was down on her luck but denies everything else.

You see the three of them, Rolf with his wife Alwen and his daughter Bindi walking into the court, fixed smiles for the press as if they were on a day out, it maybe an act but what it looks like is a solid front of support for the benefit of the public. Can you imagine what his wife has had to put up with over the years, how many flings did he really have?

I am often amazed at weemen who show support for their husbands in public such as Hilary Clinton and the wife of once Democrat wonder boy John Edwards, she was battling cancer while he was battling boobies. Don't forget basket ball star Kobe Byrant.

The wives smile and hold their husband's hands and I'm thinking how repulsed those women probably are by this person to whom they once trusted. The husbands talk about their shame and how guilty they felt as they pumped away at the various weemen behind their wives backs on every possible occasion they could. 

I'm surprised that I didn't know about Rolf Harris. I knew that Anne Bankcroft would die of cancer and Jimmy Savile was totally on my radar, sometimes I just know things. I could not see the reason for Savile's popularity, he was creepy and revolting. I've never liked Arnold Schwarzenegger or Burt Reynolds either and while I'd watch John Wayne and Mel Gibson movies I always knew back in my head that these two were probably right wankers in real life. 

Harris had me fooled. He was someone nice that was always on the TV either painting or on commercials for weird musical instruments and was even in the music charts several times with his much loved songs, 'Two little boys' and 'Jake the peg' both songs now have even more hidden meanings for me now.  He became a bit of a cult when he did a version of Stairway to heaven with his wobble board, he was uncool but it was cool to like him.

Having read about this case I believe that good ol Rolf is guilty. There may be the under the surface suggestion that she flirted with him and that she knew what she was doing and what is a man to do? Men are so weak and when a 13 year-old gurl flaunts herself at you then it's all fair game right?

Wrong! There is no room for that kind of thinking he was the adult and a married one at that. He's guilty and only the love that the British people have for him will save him, as for Old Knudsen well he would hang the fucker.    


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