Tuesday, 20 May 2014

No Resolution For Marriage Equality

The smouldering look of blue steel says I want to upload all over yer screen.

Chris Sevier is a busy man, the Iraqi war vet who lost his license to practice law because of his mental illness which is possibly related to his PTSD is a blue steel model who once sued A&E for firing Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson after he made homophobic remarks and who also sued Apple for selling him a computer that got him addicted to porn.

Damn you Apple!!!!! I just can't stay away from it.

Not to mention Sevier's alleged stalking of  Cuntpop star John Rich from Big and Rich. I said alleged in case the crazy fucker tries to sue me too. 
Sevier has now joined the battle of equality and has stated that he wants to marry his porn laden laptop .... stop looking at that curly haired arse picture, you'll go blind. 

Sevier stats it's unfair competition from porn stars that has created friction with his wife (as seen above) can normal weemen compete with hot chicks on the Interwebs or will they just say we're being misogynistic and objectifying weemen in order to not make an effort?

What is wrong with leering lustfully at a lass and then sharing her with yer friends? At least the weemen on the Interwebs can be turned off as soon as yer done with then after a minute or so and they never make you feel bad for premature ejaculation .... a friend of mine has this problem.  

After Florida told him to wise up he then went to Utah to try to marry his laptop. Utah is home to the Mormons and so he also added that he wanted to marry his Kindle and Smartphone too as he also rubs the lad to content on those devices. 

Off topic question, is it right to stay in a relationship solely for the sake of yer USB flash drives?  

 Laptop with cyber sex port.

He says he prefers sex with his laptop than that with real weemen and can you blame him? there are some rite sexy computers out there. 

I once heard a guy on the telly say about how creeped out he was that the same device used to teach his child their ABC's is the same thing he uses to for cyber sex. What will Sevier do when after 2 years his laptop gets clogged up with more and more porn, gets slower and forgets how to open his files because of some error due to his constant plugging away? 
Will he go looking for a newer model while good ol Vanessa Swallows sits neglected full of virus' and 404 not found? 

Old Knudsen once had a summer fling with a Dyson and that way lies heartache as after a while the loving and the suckage just stops. Ach maybe he's too much of a dick for a real woman to put up with anyway, there sounds like a lot more going on in his head than just PTSD.    
While Old Knudsen says "fuck moderation" he also says "find a balance." Squeeze the cheese by all means but make time for what's important in REAL life like hate crimes, abducting runaways and don't forget yer stalking. 
You can always tell the state of a man's mind by how tidy his torture dungeon/ guest room is. 


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