Thursday, 6 March 2014

A Hard Ukrain's A-Gonna Fall

Old Knudsen has just returned from Ukrainia where he was hired as a consultant to trouble shoot the acquiring of some land. 
He had the same job in 1938, you go to these places and say, 'well they all speak the same bloody lingo, you need to move yer troops from that direction and get a foothold, raise some flags, have a party an shit then take the rest.'

Doesn't pay well I mean ya can't go doon to Tesco an pay for yer drink with a gold brick, there is no fucking checkout for that. 

They take cards and cash but not Nazi fucking gold .... WTF!!!! Tesco?

I just want to say well done to Abby Martin.

Many of you won't have heard of her until she came out and said that Russia was wrong to use it's military to interfere in the Ukraine.
She is an eloquent, classy mix of brains and beauty, you can find a Youtube of her protesting 9/11 on the street with placard in hand, yeah shes a truther and has accused Israel of using "Hitler's methods" which Old Knudsen has said himself so shes got some smarts.

She is a Callyfornia babe and far from anti-American but if yer cuntry or other cuntries are doing shit then call them on it, this shows that she hold governments accountable for their actions and doesn't blindly follow a flag.

America, love it or leave it! .... no you leave it you ignorant fucktard, I'm staying to sort it out. 

Now and again Old Knudsen switches on RT (Russia Today) as it has an odd slant to it and it can tell you some of what is going on by what they don't say or how they say it . The channel is funded by the Russian government and so cannot not be trusted 100%  ..... exactly like the BBC.

Martin has a great opening segment for her show full of glamorous hair shots and helicopter rides over the US Capitol, very nice and she is easy on the eye and far better to listen to than most.

Having complained in the past on numerous occasions about US military interference she has been largely ignored but as soon as the media picked up on her slagging off her bosses they ran with it.  A little one sided there don't you think?
US intentions on Syria really need to be explored more than they are. Siding with Al Qaeda and giving them aid and weapons ...... well we know how that one ends. America, learn from yer mistakes.

Another RT anchor found her voice after Martin's comments, Liz Wahl said she has been faced with ethical and moral challenges and added that she is daughter of a U.S. military veteran and the partner of a physician who works at a U.S. military base.

"And that is why, personally, I cannot be part of a network funded by the Russian government that whitewashes the actions of Putin."
"I'm proud to be an American and believe in disseminating the truth," she added. "And that is why, after this newscast, I'm resigning."
Sounds a little like she is putting out her resume to Fox news or other news stations who don't want a commie but want a patriot.

So here is a break down on the whole Ukraine thing in easy Old Bitter Balls fashion .... cos my readers ain't too smart.

Without going into the whole, history of the Ukraine which is very bloody and full of ethnic cleansing and the mass deportation of foreigners you have the cuntry that became independent in 1991.

East Ukraine has most of the industry of the cuntry and more or less keeps the west half of the cuntry going .... a very good reason why the Russians like eastern Ukraine so much, follow the money.

In the east they identify with being Russian more and the west identifies with being European more.      

Yulia Tymoshenko ..... the hot chick with the braids was Prime Minister for a while but Russia preferred Viktor Yanukovych and helped him to change laws that would help him to rig elections and get back into power, strangely enough a whole slew of criminal charges against Yulia came up and she has been in prison for the past year and a half.

Yanukovych also did the dirty on the people by signing for an economic bailout from Russia and stronger trade deals which led to all this shit right now.

Over 70 odd people have died in ant-government protests , these people are heroes fighting against Stalinist type brutality.
Loyalists and Fleggers ... hang yer heads in shame yapping on about a flag that isn't even being removed. Wise the fuck up you don't have a clue what real oppression is like. How many fleggers have died?
What you do is mindless stupid and pathetic. 

A while back the Ukraine signed away all it's nukes in an agreement with Russia, the U.S. and the U.K. saying that being nuke free meant that they were protected ..... right?  .... surprise! Russia don't need no stinking paper.

All very Neville Chamberlain.

Russia hasn't gone all out with invading, just enough troops to get the people worked up and fighting each other, there is also a Russian warship 200 miles off the US coast docked at Cuba to do a little sabre rattling.

They see this like if the U.S. invaded a part of Mexico (they have not done this recently but have done it) and think well this is our back yard so fuck off! America should understand that, as the Monroe doctrine says as much about what America gets up to in it's back yard is it's own business.

There has been a political deal to restore election procedure to the way it was in 2004 before the amendments were made, will this get the troops out and things back to normal? ... I doubt it. 


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