Thursday, 13 February 2014

Terrorists Do Not Scare Shit

1987, IRA scumbags on patrol ..... patrolling the streets for what reason? to unite Ireland, kill Brits or just to scare school kids?

A fucking civvie in a ski mask. Look at how he is holding his M-16, he looks more like a startled rabbit than someone on patrol.
There are grips on rifles for a reason ya know, if you hold it by the magazine your weapon could easily jam, get a clue.
Put it in yer fucking shoulder with yer finger over the trigger guard, no wonder they lost.

Speaking of losers. The UDA along with the army from 1972. The lack of zero tolerance has made this cuntry the great place to live that it is today.

When the Al-Qaeda suicide bomb instructor blew himself and 20 of his pupils up in Iraq recently, Old Knudsen did indeed laugh out loud. How can you be an instructor in blowing yourself up? those who can't do teach I suppose.

We need more of that. 


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