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Killer Nurses From Planet Pube


94% of people who die, die in a hospital ... coincidence? I think not. 99% of those have sought medical help from doctors and nurses at sometime in their lives. 

Serial killers do not just confine their daytime careers to being a truck drivers, school crossing guards or I.T. specialists, they can be anywhere. The person cutting yer hair or the person reading yer electrical meter.

Ya know who are creepy as fuck and are always watching you? Nurses, thats who. They aren't checking up on you for the good of yer health, they are deciding whether or not you should die. You go to hospital and do you get any rest to get better? Nope cos if they are up at fuck off o'clock in the morning then you are going to be too, sadistic bastards.

Arnfinn Nesset a registered nurse killed 22 people by injecting them with Suxamethonium chloride in a care home in Norway in the 80's. He was sentenced to 21 years but due to good behaviour he was released after 12 with 10 years supervision. So in 12 years because he didn't murder any old people they said, 'yep hes changed all right, lets set him free.'
Nesset lives under a fake name and thank fuck for that, I mean Arnfinn?  no wonder he became a serial killer, it is thought he could have killed up to 138 people but they were old and going to die anyway so who cares?

While we are in Norway, Anders Behring Breivik, the cunt who killed 77 people in bomb and gun attacks in 2011 is complaining that his human rights are being breached because he doesn't have a computer to contact his fans and only has an obsolete ye olde fashioned  PS2.  He was destined to be a mass murderer as he who works in computer programming and his mother was a nurse ... he didn't stand a chance.
Only people who work in I. T. are more mentally unstable than those in the nursing profession.

A stone cold killa

Charles Edward Cullen had told authorities that he had killed 40 people during his 16 year career as a nurse, that figure is said to be more like 400 making his America's most prolific serial killer but we don't want bragging rights, we want names and bodies. Who the fuck has heard of Cullen? he sure ain't no Bundy. 
He suffered from depression for years and had made several attempts at suicide but continued to work from hospital to hospital without any trouble because having a good beside manner isn't necessary, especially during a national shortage of nurses. He was arrested for attempted murder in 2003 and made his confession to killing 40.

Stephan Letter ..... a German, had 80 people from the ages of 40 - 94 die on his shifts, and that was only in one year. (2003 - 2004) He gave them a cocktail of drugs which like Nesset included muscle relaxants.  One thing you can say about the Germans, they are fucking efficient when it cums to killing people, marvelous work.
Letter was only charged for 29 people, 38 had been cremated, as for the other 13 ... unlucky for some.

 What a looker.

Orville Lynn Majors From Indiana, was thought to have killed 138 people but was only done for 6. It's bad that when you leave a job the mortality rate goes back to normal amounts. Hes serving away his 360 years in the Indiana state prison and was voted 'rear of the year' for 2002 by his showering buddies.

Her real picture was way too scary.

Marianne Nölle ..... a German, killed during 1984 - 1992 at least 17 and attempted about 18 others. She was convicted of only 6 murders.

The Lainz Angels of Death were exactly like an Austrian Charlie's angels except they murdered old feeble patients and were not even remotely hot. The four of them are thought to have killed over 200 starting in 1983 though were only charged with 48.  All four alleged weemen have since been released from prison for good behaviour not having killed anyone while locked up.

Dirty dick and chronic liar Kristen Gilbert worked for a VA (Veteran's Affairs) hospital and while having an affair with a VA investigator and walking out on her husband and 2 kids she killed 4 vets with the drug epinephrine . The last two vets she killed were a Korean and WWII vet. How crap can you get? you survive war only to be killed by some stupid bint who is meant to look after you.

Richard Angelo drugged 25 people with 10 of them dying during the 80's in New York. He said he had drugged them so he could rush in and save them to look like a hero .... what a loser.

If one more nurse gets called The angel of death I'll scream .... Angelo indeed.   

Joseph Dewey Akin was convicted in Alabama in 1991 of one murder but is suspected of killing anywhere from 17 - 100 during his career at several facilities.

Robert Diaz worked in hospitals in LA in the 80's when he was drugging patients with Lidocaine. He was convicted of killing 12 people though that is thought to have been more like 38. The poor man missed out on the fun of the death penalty by dying of natural causes in 2010.
Benjamin Geen was also a sad fucker who wanted to be a hero like Richard Angelo. He worked in a hospital in Oxfordshire. In the space of 2 months 17 patients when into respiratory arrest, Geen saved 15 with 2 dying.  He was found with a syringe filled with a lethal dose of muscle relaxant in his pocket. DOH!

Efren Saldivar a respiratory therapist worked the graveyard shift when less people were around. It's thought that he ha killed anywhere from 6 - 50+ with he, himself claiming it was more like  200 ... they always do.

Genene Anne Jones  worked in San Antonio, Texas when colleagues started to notice a high mortality rate with those she had worked with. She was convicted of one murder and suspected of at least 46 others, all children.  Jones will be released in 2017 having served 33 years, if anyone can link her to just one of the child deaths she could go back in for life.

 She looks like a leezer prince William.

Beverly Gail Allitt an English nurse who in 1991 was charged with killing four children and attempting to kill or harm 11 more.  She suffered from Münchausen syndrome which means she is a lying fucker that needs to be put doon. She may be released by 2022 when she'll be 54 years old so, keep an eye out.
It's one thing being mentally ill but she was sane enough to attack those who were less able to tell or to fight back.  

Colin Norris hated old people and often refused to clean them or change their bedding. He told a colleague that whenever he did night shifts, someone always died, he claimed that around 5:15am was when things went wrong and lo and behold at 5am an elderly patient (his last victim) slipped into a coma. 

Sounds like he was making sure that things when bad on his nightshifts so he wouldn't be made to do them, like a spoiled brat that breaks something so they won't be told to do it again. From Glasgow, says it all.

So next time you are in hospital, be nice to the staff or you may get a little more than expected. Don't worry, I'm sure not all nurses are serial killers ....  keep an eye on them just in case as they all spit in yer drinking water.

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