Monday, 10 February 2014

Inbreeding For The Win!

 Intermarriage is a danger to pure blood lines.

It was about 100 years ago that a marriage between an Ashkenazi Jew (from the German Jews) and a Sephardic Jew (from the Israelite tribes) was termed as intermarriage or a mixed marriage. Israel is a nation with a small population and are happy to keep it that way as long as its people are of pure Jewish blood .... like a master race I suppose if you want to put it like that.

Marriage between Jews and non Jews has been called a threat to the Jewish nation .... hey ya wankers, if it wasn't for us non Jews there wouldn't be a fucking Jewish nation, it's not like you can stand up for yerselves.

These are yer soldiers, do they look like soldiers or hippies? They have compulsory military service in Israel so you'll have a load of civvies who can shoot a gun but they'll always be civvies. 

The Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's son is dating a Norwegian non Jew. Big deal huh? I mean Norwegians are nearly as hot as the swedes and are blonde haired and blue eyed just like Jesus himself.

Netanyahu says that his son Yair and Norwegian chick Sandra Leikanger are just college classmates.

Just classmates who fuck like bunnies.

In 2009 a Jewish Member of Parliament Sir Gerald Bernard Kaufman likened Israel to the Nazis for their defensive attacks in Gaza. Kaufman's family were forced to flee Poland the second time when Germany tried to take over the world so he is fully justified in having an opinion on this. 


It's funny that UK Labour and Conservative parties have Members of Parliament who are in the group Friends of Israel, funny because in 1946 members of the Stern gang who were Jewish terrorists had planned to bomb up the British Parliament, stopped by French police of all things.

The state of Israel was created by members of the Stern gang and other gangs like Irgun and Lehi ..... which is why Albert Einstein was against the whole idea of Israel. The massacre at Deir Yassin which killed 600 Palestinians in 1948 was a good indication of what was to be I suppose.  Don't go getting me started on how many British soldiers have been killed by those cunts.

You survive the war with all those Germans trying to kill you only to be murdered by some hooked nose money lender. 

Old Knudsen has not been too impressed with how Israel has developed and acted throughout the years. Long before 2009 I was saying how Israel did learn from the Nazis, they learned how to be total douche bags.
You have a right to defend yerself but do you have a right to be a land stealing cunt?  

Back to mixed marriages, the Japs have been xenophobic and thinking they were better than everyone for centuries, sticking with the inbreeding just like the Jews in their small communities. Mixed marriages in the U.S. were mostly blacks and whites which did not please the Christian group known as the Klu Klux Klan.
Try not to laugh but a mixed marriage in backwards, bigoted Northern Ireland is with Protestants and Catholics .... Religion, drawing people together since Adam was a wee boy.

The prime minister of Israel's brother-in-law, Hagai Ben-Artzi, said about the Yair and Sandra relationship, saying that if his nephew doesn't end his relationship, it is as if he is spitting on the graves of his grandparents.    

Hagai Ben-Artzi ..... whatever his crazy ass name is said.

"From my point of view, if he does such a thing, I personally won't allow him to get near their graves.

"This is the most awful thing that is threatening and was a threat throughout the history of the Jewish people. More awful than leaving Israel is marriage with a gentile. If this happens, God forbid, I'll bury myself I don't know where. I'll walk in the streets and tear off my hair - and here this is happening."   

Jews don't over react do they? some rag head fires a missile into Israel so the Jews fly into Gaza and and blow shit up with 50 missiles.  They don't even get the ones who fire the missiles in the first place, that is just a convenient excuse.

Dr Daniel Gordis, an author and expert on Jewish shit was more than happy to talk about this outrageous example of Satanic coupling.

"It's not a racial issue, it's not a superiority issue, it's not a xenophobia issue," the reason/excuse he gave was because it is forbidden in Halacha, or Jewish law.

To Old Knudsen who is vastly experienced in hearing religion and not personal prejudices being the reason to things, calls bullshit on this.
The Jews would love nothing more than seeing the Palestinians pushed into the sea (we need breathing room) so nah, they aren't racist or anything and calling themselves the chosen people isn't being superior and as for xenophobia, well I'm sure spitting and shouting at outsiders in the street is a normal way to behave.

That is who they are and how they think, the moderate less fanatical Jews went to the U.S. leaving behind the crazy bigots ..... like Northern Ireland you could say.

Seeing how the Jews in America have assimilated into western culture Gordis added, "there's a rapidly eroding sense of Jewish commitment, a complete collapsing of Jewish literacy, and a thinning of Jewish identity".     

Dumb that comment way doon and change Jewish for British and you'd have something a Flegger would say.

The radical Jew in the holy land street is afraid and like the Loyalists in Northern Ireland whatever they do or say just makes them look like bigoted cunts ...... which they are.
I hope Yair isn't swayed by anything his people say or do, calling his gurlfriend a shikse, which is a derogatory term for a non  Jewish woman and making fun of her in the media are just bully tactics, mind yer own business whats it to you where Yair sticks his cock? I bet he moves away from Israel, can't blame him. 

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