Tuesday, 28 January 2014

We Are The Nazis

America billionaire Thomas Perkins wrote in the Wall Street Journal that the treatment of the wealthy was similar to the treatment of the Jews during the Holocaust.  I'm sure you were just as outraged as Old Knudsen when you read that yerselves. 

I thought that the Fleggers comparing themselves to the Jews of the Holocaust and to the blacks in South Africa fighting against apartheid was idiotic enough but you'd think that this bloke would know better. 

Here is what Old Knudsen is going to do, hes going to round up the old commando squad and we're gonna get the top 85 wealthy people in the world and put them into a camp. We will then strip, starve and pull out their teeth and before we kill them we'll ask Mr Perkins if he still has the same view. 

He also wrote, "I perceive a rising tide of hatred of the successful one percent"  well no shit Sherlock, what can you expect when you have yer attitude? Suggesting that people who don't like being poor and who protest at bank bail outs and unfair bonus' to company leaders as they fire the work force are Nazis will not make you any friends.  Away an count yer billions on yer yacht and cry about how people hate ya. 

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