Friday, 24 January 2014

Vicky Hartzler Wants To Rule You

American Republican politician Vicky Hartzler was speaking at the 41st annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. she made the observation that "abortion hurts everyone" to lead on where she is going with this she may have said 'So suck it up women and sacrifice your own life and have an unwanted child, you made the mistake slut so live with it forever.'

She continued to spout, "It robs men of the privilege of fatherhood that’s why we must do everything in our power to end this devastating practice."
That is so considerate how she thinks about men by wanting to take this medical option away because in her little limited brain there should be no reason for abortion. Fuck yer unique circumstances I don't care. I have decided and that is that.

Blacks are all lazy, people on welfare are scum, fat people are weak and undisciplined, single mothers are sluts (even though they had their baby) and everyone should do as her religion says. 

She then speculated that if abortion had never been made legal they might have found a cure for cancer by now.
Not sure how she came up with that logic. Maybe because the doctors were too busy killing babies? Maybe because it took up funding that could have been used on research .... or a war?

Where is the money in having a cure for cancer? Now she isn't making any sense at all.  

Hartzler lives on a farm in Harrisonville Missouri with her husband and daughter Tiffany.

Well I am surprised. Living on a farm with all that space and she hasn't got a ton of adopted children from all the unwanted children she is encouraging people to have. There are plenty of unloved lonely kids in care. Walk the walk you fake bitch. 

Like most of these anti-choice nutters she is against abortion but once the child is born she doesn't give a fuck about it and has no better option other than make people suck it up and do as they are told.
She also hates gheys and is disgusted by equality.  The scary part is that she is a teacher, she graduated with a B.S. in Education .... I assume that BS means bullshit.

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