Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sunday Taint Lick

Who did you wake up with this morning? Shove them awake and at least ask their name, Old Knudsen needs the gossip. 
 weemen trying to look like sex dolls?

I guess it must be Sunday again. With great power cums great responsibility and so I yet again I attempt to lure sick minded Christians away from molesting children .... as they are prone to do.
Same pose but different yoke.
Lay off the make up a bit there lass we aren't here to look at yer cheek bones, well not the ones on yer face.

Since I'm here to objectify and sexualise weemen who the fuck needs to see her face? On a TV show, Man one: "I just want a woman I can talk to" Man two: "What do you want to talk to her for?"

Obviously Old Knudsen is kidding cos listening to weemen about their day and all the ironing they had to do is a great way to get them in the sack. Ach let me bend you over the sink so you'll have happy memories next time you do the dishes .... oh and pop the kettle on love. 
Want to hear about Old Knudsen's military service? ..... it was hard. Look at this Christians, looks like fun and it's all consenting adults. I love a lass in uniform.
Remember folks you don't want yer nuts rusting, oil them up.
Look, I caught a mermaid in me net, she must be one cos her lower half smells like fish.
A shot of rugged and hunky before I go. These pictures smell like cheap perfume and stale cum .... luckily I know that you like that sort of thing.

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