Sunday, 12 January 2014

Suffer The Little Pedos To Cum Onto Me

Beauty is only skin deep, that my friends is true for once you start cutting it's all types of gross from there on in.

I've been reading a lot about sexual violence towards young weemen over the last week be it from Pakistan or from Londonderry, both places very similar in views towards females and definitely places you would not want to live.

Harming weemen or children are two of things that makes Old Knudsen a little angry. Also violence towards the weak, vulnerable and elderly.

You'd think that with Old Knudsen's training and experience he'd be beyond letting things like that get to him.


Consensual violence between adults is fine but rape and murder just isn't cool. Even against Arabs as the late Ariel Sharon wanted Israeli troops to do.

The 44 year-old cunt from Londonderry who subjected a homeless lass to sexual violence for 3 years since she was 15 is someone that Old Knudsen would like to meet. All the shit he did to her and still his name has been protected from the public.

I'm sure Old Knudsen could make it seem like he was suffering 3 years of torture in only 3 weeks. Yes my friend, this is what it's like to have yer head dipped into a pan of hot oil and then we'll see how this plunger feels as it goes up ya dry.
He was probably a Christian ..... you know what they are like. Yes Old Knudsen could do that to people like him and also end his suffering too. Killing cunts is a kindness to the world. British prisons are all about rehabilitation, what is the fucking point to that?

A pedo who served his 3 years now works with his wife behind the bar of the family pub. Is that him rehabbed? Let bygones be bygones huh. Glad to see he can get on with his life after that nasty episode.

People get too upset about the wrong things, a wind turbine spoils the view from yer home? Well a 10 year-old gurl got beat to death in Pakistan by the woman she worked for while her 16 year- old son watched and no one is going to prison for it.

As I put up these pictures of beautiful hot almost naked weemen I just want to tell you this. Show them some fucking respect and consideration or I will hunt you doon and change yer gender with a rusty butter knife. 

If you can defend those who need it then it's yer duty to do so.

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