Friday, 27 December 2013

Doctor Who Gets Cancelled

Old Knudsen used to enjoy a Christmas around the telly with the family waiting for the Christmas Dr Who to cum on.
Turkey, potatoes, mince pies and a bottle of Christmas cheer all settling in my belly making the odd gaseous appearance .... heaven on earth.  

Sometimes it would get spoiled with the children yapping about something or the usual, "please don't hurt us, if you leave now we'll not even call the police."

Listen bitches! we're a happy family, I'm uncle Knudsen so fuck up and be happy or I'll cut you.

This year made Old Knudsen cry. It wasn't because 'Handles' the Cyberhead stopped working it was because the show was shite. Last year we had The Snowmen which was shite and now this .... I can't take anymore it spoils Christmas and has me waking up naked and covered in blood under a strange Christmas tree ... like you do. 

     The shit has to stop!

The past year has been difficult ... oh I don't mean the flag protests/riots I mean the fact that we had snowmen who were not scary, a boring brooding doctor, a companion who was built up as being someone mysterious but really wasn't.... all she does is run around looking like she is trying not to cry. 
It's just amazing how much better Amy was making the show. Motorcycles that can ride up the side of buildings indeed.  The whole dark Doctor arc with John Hurt was kinda silly considering the Timelord war happened long before his incarnation. How can the other doctors be tormented by something that hadn't happened yet? .... oh the new plot device, you have a time machine,  no need to explain huh. 
It used to be that the Doctor would zap something with  his sonic screwdriver and fix everything.  Now they just do stuff and rely on the stupidity and blind faith of the viewer to accept it.   

It also turns out that Doctors who have previously regenerated can return to existence and just grow old.

30 years Living in a museum seems to age you more than 300 years in a town called Christmas, how very odd. Matt Smith can't act old .... or act, he should have listened to his mammy and stayed with the show.

All the rules of time that has stopped Timelords from doing as they please in other episodes was just thrown out the window this year. 

A wooden Cyberman  ........... wooden work. I mean really, you have a Cyberman whittling away on a block of cedar because obviously a wooden cyberman with a flame thrower is far better than a plastic composite one with a built on .50 cal plastic mini guns, you can get pretty solid plastic ya know and it's low tech ...  I doubt he has a setting for that.

Remember when Daleks and Cybermen were threats and the Doctor would run from them ... why did he do that?

 I can't remember how to fly the Tardis but I can remember one thing .....
I'm the doctor who fucks his companions so get some lube and get naked cos I'm gonna bust yer wormhole!


So are yon Timelords alive? trapped? what? I can't keep up, throwing every Doctor Who enemy into an episode does not necessarily make great TV. They did it a lot better for The Pandorica Opens episode, that one was cool. 
The show has too many in-jokes and easy fixes being used. Get some good writing and some good acting going on and quit with the CGI over using. 

The fangurls will be crying over the loss of a young Doctor and the middle aged male fans will be cheering that an old Doctor has been chosen.      

It may be time to stop watching this show .... unless they go with my companion fucking doctor. 


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Soren !
Sollst leben !

Old Knudsen said...

You too my friend.