Sunday, 24 November 2013

Kelly Anderson Wants Me

It feels as if Old Knudsen is losing his battle against pedos as they keep turning up in the news so here is a lass bound to turn them away from children.

Meet Kelly Anderson, soon to be Kelly Knudsen. Yes Old Knudsen will share his future wife in order to tempt Christians, Muslims, Jews and misc away from diddling children.

 A lady of poise and grace .... also a well stuffed bra.

A little too stuffed at times.

A woman of such beauty and grace is difficult to find but I found her and wait in the darkened corners and shady bushes of love I shall. Her initials are KA which is another word for soul.... it's an omen. 

 What do you mean what about those others you called yer future wife?

Wives cum and go as do potential ones.

Old Knudsen has the feeling that this is the one.

When the voice in my head said, "stalk her" Old Knudsen knew she was special, besides she lives on the way to his other potential wives who are also the one so it was all good.

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