Thursday, 10 October 2013

It Does Exist

Old Knudsen was on the Facetimebook wondering if there is suck a thing as flegger porn .... He was promptly reminded about rule 34, if it exists there IS porn of it. 

So Old Knudsen went looking and was very disgusted at what he found. 

Ach now I didn't see that cumming, yet another photo that cums back to haunt you. You really must explain the hair, did ya get yon hair plugs like Wayne Rooney? 

From what I've heard yer more of a catcher not a pitcher but now I see you in a whole new and very butch light.

 UGGGHHH!!! get some bleach for my eyes stat!

Who is that, Charles Bronson? no wonder he shaved it off . I am disgusted that this carry on shagging goes on in front of the image of her loverly majesty the Queen.... maybe she likes to watch, I know that I do. 
This one made me vomit in me mouth, I'm no drinking from that can. 

Ach ya know what, I don't think I need to see anymore flegger porn. What is seen cannot be unseen. 

I wonder if Edwin Poots has ever starred in a porno? 


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