Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Protestant Coalition Is Not PC

A new group of Nazi zombies have appeared on the Northern Ireland political scene. It was a slow news week and so the The Protestant Coalition made it's debut. It says it is a political party that exists to protect and secure Ulster's British heritage and identity and to represent the Protestant, Unionist and Loyalist people.

A Flegger party. 

What that means is that it's a Prod party made up of anti-Catholics, Orangemen and ex BNP and Britain First Nazis.
Old Knudsen hates Nazis and the BNP have been on his shit list for years. The party leader Jim Dowson was a BNP fundraiser, his daughter Alice was the membership secretary. A BNP spinoff is Britain First which had Dowson and his bud Paul Golding involved.

Why do Nazis come from the mainland thinking they can tell the people of Norn Iron what to think? Dowson for some reason always goes for membership and glossy publications, that must be a money earner cos that is what he has done in all the other parties too. Now hes collecting yet another list of names to use and to sell on.

Make no mistake, this is Northern Ireland's new Nazi party. Exploit weakness using patriotic emblems to invoke feelings of strength and that you actually matter... you don't. 

Dowson also has his fingers in the UK Life League which is a British pressure group that opposes abortion. He rakes in money from that while not really doing anything.... It's the thought that counts.

To try to get local favour he enlisted the help of Willie Frazer, a crazed hate filled lunatic that makes less sense than a drunk cat. 
Both Dowson and Frazer are on bail but have shown you can do anything without Interweb access and the threat of prison hanging over you. 

This party is dead in the water. No one wants anything to do with dodgy Dowson or Taser Frazer. The fleggers have lost interest in the protests, they are in-fighting, losing everywhere they go so what do you not do? You don't set up a fucking flegger political party expecting to get anywhere .... unless of course yer just in it for some quick money.

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