Saturday, 20 April 2013

Pwned By The British Legion

The DUP ... you know, those cunts in power in Northern Ireland who stir up shit so they have jobs for life. They thought they could get a Union flag flying for 365 days on the grounds of the Belfast city hall and I suppose look like heroes.
The put forward a motion for real heroes The British Legion to fly the flag at the war memorial cenotaph known as the garden of remembrance.

Never mind weemen's rights, marriage equality or a shared peaceful future, Northern Ireland gets worked up about flags. To the outside world we really are Tribal and closed on Sundays.

The British Legion politely said away an fuck "Remembrance of all who have fallen should unite, not divide. It is sacrosanct and should not be politicised in any way."  

When the shit hits the fan, soldiers don't care if the guy beside him is Catholic, protestant, a Satanist, black, white or a cross dresser, he/she is a fellow soldier.

When you commemorate the battle of the Somme you pay tribute to British, Irish, Protestant, Catholic and Atheist.... all the flavours. If you only decide to remember just the Prods from the UVF or something daft like that then yer a fuck witted civvie who has just dishonoured the ancestors.      

Yes the French were on our side, I get confused at times.... 3 times.
A certain Loyalist peaceful protester update page on Facebook which will remain nameless said how they were going to teach the Legion a lesson by boycotting the poppy appeal, after getting some shit from a few people the post was edited and some of the thread deleted.

Just shows you what kind of dickheads fleggers are. Right scummy shites who go on about how important it is to respect those who served or died for their country and then when things don't go their way they turn on them.
You maggots, when you see me or my mates sitting at a table with our little red boxes you had better buy an extra poppy to make for all the trouble and insult you've caused.

Old Knudsen doesn't want to touch a greasy flegger scalp.