Saturday, 13 April 2013

Jews Wrapped For Freshness

An orthodox Jew took an airplane flight wrapped in plastic. He is a Kohen which is a holy priest and to get around the loophole of flying over cemeteries which isn't allowed he wrapped himself in thick plastic bags.
So anyone else think that religion is merely a glitch in the brain? Old Knudsen fully supports religion as long as it's his and thinks that maybe some people are too dumb to live, don't worry he ran out of air before he landed.

Only kidding about the air but seriously what a dick! Old Knudsen doesn't judge others but this bloke is a fucking nutter!.... he is off the reservation. 
I suppose Catholic priests say it wasn't pedophilia because they were protected by a condom or the child had a plastic bag over it's head.

Guess what Rab-aye yer plastic wrap ain't stopping shit and you are now impure .... yep the ghosties got ya. They do not fear plastic. Yer thinking about fairies being afraid of iron, totally different.

I suppose his fellow Jew beside him is pretending he doesn't know him.

Tea, coffee, cling film?

Hey look it's Lady Gaga .... no it's just an Orthodox Jew wrapped in plastic.

Orthodox Jew swinging his cock about.

It's actually a chicken, lovely plumage though. These are the same guys who think that if you swing a chicken around it takes on all yer sins.
Talk about evading self responsibility. I wonder if you rob a bank and then pass on yer sins to a chicken will it get arrested instead.

Chickens have it rough, their babies get stolen and eaten, they get flung around and then become sinners, everyone eats chicken (not vegetarians or vegans but they aren't even human so who cares about them?) and people are always poking their nose into their business trying to ascertain why it crossed a road. Not even mentioning Ballymena people without access to sheep .... poor wee choked chickens.

Since Christianity and Islam both came from Judaism that explains why you get idiot blood thirsty crazed fanatics in those religions too.
It's difficult for Old Knudsen being the only sane one around here.

  Aye you tell em love.