Saturday, 13 April 2013

I Earned The Flag You've Earned My Scorn

Many people think that Old Knudsen spends his evenings fighting crime, shooting up drugs and fucking yer Ma but no, he has his social conscience work to do.

Old Knudsen is the lone protester. He protests alone because 1) no one likes him 2) bad body odour 3) constant sexual harassment ...... silly things really, people are just so touchy and according to 4 judges Old Knudsen likes to touch also.

What cause does Old Knudsen fight for? the flying of the British flag on top of Belfast city hall thats what.
No Old Knudsen didn't get a lobotomy or sudden brain damage and become a flegger, Old Knudsen wants the fleg to fly on the 18 designated days the law says it should fly.

Old Knudsen wants Union flegs to fly in accordance to the Queen's wishes .... he is an anti-flegger. 

It does confuse people about being an anti-flegger, Reverend Mervyn Gibson who is the grand wizard interrogator for the Orange order came over and shook me hand .... luckily I was wearing gloves.

When I told him that I was a true patriot (unlike the Loyalists) who supports the Queen and her wishes on designated days for flying her fleg he was quite outraged, stamped his little feet he did. He went on about me stripping away his British identity .... I didn't know it was so fragile. I told him that as least he could then apply for Irish citizenship but he didn't like that idea.

This is what happens when cunts think they can fly the Queen's fleg whenever they want. They call it culture and heritage and Old Knudsen and others who have served in her majesties armed forces call it civvie disrespect. 
If you haven't served and if you don't vote then hands off Old Knudsen's fleg. 

Fleggers go on about how they love the fleg, no surrender and for Queen and Ulster etc etc then they zip tie their £3.00 fleg to a lamp post and leave it until it rots or falls off all the while disrupting traffic and wasting tax payer money causing trouble. 

This shows their true agenda of marking territory .... yes using the Queen's fleg as a gang colour. Can these so-called Loyalists get any lower?

These sectarian cuntbegs disgust Old Knudsen. They walk about in their tracksuits and sashes barely speaking the Queen's English and the weemen look well harsh .....  in fact many of the weemen look more like men than the men do, thats a fact. 

I'm no saying that the Fenian weemen look much better but at least they have a sense of humour. You don't go to Prods if you want a laugh. 

How do you make a dog drink?  ...................................... you put it in a blender!     

Uh I don't get it, how could that make it drink?  Since I can't understand it I shall now show anger just in case you are mocking me in some way ..... also I bet you're a taig! 

Thats you that is.

Then there is free speech. Who wants to hear you when yer fucking stupid and can't follow logic and reason?
If you go on the fleggers Facebook pages and say, "I don't think the protests are working, maybe you should think about ending them" yer most likely 9/10 times to get banned from commenting anymore. Is that free speech?

"How can you be Loyalists if you are going against the wishes of the Queen?"  .... :::ban hammered:::

Fleggers can't debate and can't be funny so they just ban you.

Then you have idiots who take their fleg for a walk to bravely stand outside a closed shop on a Sunday morning,  though the shop may sell Irish souvenirs it employs local people and contributes to our economy .... Yer kinda being sectarian as well as being dicks.

They also went and protested outside this hoose in Virginia ... of course they made sure no one was home. The last thing they want is confrontation. Like children who knock yer door and run away.

There thats the fleggers reminded about being ugly and stupid. Flag still not up on the city hall yet? Maybe I should also just remind you about what losers you are then too.

Oh and God hates you and so does the Queen.

Margaret Thatcher is getting the fleg flown at half-mast on Wednesday, take her example. Death = flag flying ..... kill yerselves.