Thursday, 18 April 2013

Fleggers ... Origins

A leaked report from the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety goes on to describe a program that was started in Northern Ireland over 60 years ago. Started by people who later went on to lay the groundwork for the Caleb foundation it began as a nutritional scheme for young pregnant mothers and was well received as most people still considered potatoes to be vegetables.

 The experiments soon took on a more sinister approach with the arrival of German scientist Hans Gruber who went on to become the first Lord Inquisitor of the ultra Protestant Caleb foundation.

Inbreeding, a cocktail of chemicals, fetal alcohol syndrome and controlled brain damage was used to create a race of people easy to manipulate and control. Combine that with stigmas about education and bettering yourself and what you have is a drone army, just stupid enough to be able to get themselves into trouble  but not smart enough to know they are being used.

Subliminally trained to gravitate towards the colours, red, white and blue the Caleb foundation produced a race of fleggers to do their bidding in order to keep the Protestant elite in power.  

While they could log on to social media they could not communicate in anything other than flegbonics which easily confused normal people, and so secret messages were passed out in the open. 

Nah m8 pratests nat wurkin 2 many armcheer warriers talkin big nat going up the lame 2 get de taigs out of are wee cuntry NS FGAU KFC  - EF

Nope, can't work it out, the letters on the end obviously correspond to numbers for map references. 

The Caleb foundation needed to get their man in charge of healthcare, not only did they do that but they also used his genetic material for most of the fleggers.

They have their father's ears.  Edwin Poots the minister of health is a creationist who believes the earth is flat and only 6,000 years old and that germs don't exist and people get ill through the actions of witches (who turn out to be Catholic strangely enough) and that if you pick yer nose hard enough you'll find a gold nugget after all the blood.

Myth busters proved the last one to be a lie. 

As he said in 2011, "Control weemen's right to choose and you control the babies, and don't be letting none of those bum boys marry, thats just gross."

No Billy, you can't paint the kerbs red white and blue ....AH BUH I WANNA! DU PURDY CALLORS MAKE ME SMILE! ...... CUTURE! ..... HAIRYTIGE!...... NO SURENDUR!

Three things a flegger needs, cigarettes, a curry and buckfast ... which is a super serum tonic used to generate fleg berserker rage and gives them extra strength when hitting their children.  If you take either away from a flegger they will start to turn on each other.

The leaked report ends with the news of a Super flegger who doesn't fear the cold and knows the difference between our and are, having been created at a secret facility in the town of Larne.

Old Knudsen has tried to sell his story to the Belfast Telegraph but Willie Frazer had got to them first and told them that I was working for the IRA ..... aye the corruption and false information runs deep.

This is the generation of Ulster clowns, we need a spay and neuter program.