Friday, 15 February 2013

Winter Is Going

I know my international audience don't give a fuck about our silly flag ways but the story has turned .... um even more crazy than before.

We had the poorly educated Prods with their Ebonic text speak mouthing off in soundbites what they heard someone else say. That was funny .... yet sad cos these are white people who get a free education not some racial minority out in the real world. What they do with that education is drink, fight and destroy their own shit... fucking morons.

Mark Winter is an ex military kickboxer on the edge. His small fishing tackle shop is merely a front for ..... espionage. The Loyalists thought that he worked for them, that he was a trusted member of their community, one of their own.

His camera and fake journalist credentials were at every trouble making point for the protests. Winter had his own agenda. Previously he attended occupy rallies with his little camera but rather than being connected with Anonymous he was actually 'Anonomous' as Prods cannae spell fer shit as you can tell by me blog.
That figure masturbating in the bushes outside yer house might not be Old Knudsen but rather some other expert at surveillance.

The man in the picture is not Old Knudsen so fack aff!

Winters was at the protests, not to support his fellow hater but to stir up anger in order to capture some police brutality. He used the fleg scum as you would use a sock to wipe off yer cock after a wank.
The Belfast Telegraph newspaper used many of Mark's photos that showed the protesters as violent mindless animals ..... he was paid 30 pieces of silver for each one they used.  Instead of highlighting police violence he was arrested by them and became a valuable asset for info .... gotta make a living somehow.

Infiltrating many Loyalist websites under many guises he moved around almost invisible ranting to get his fellow Prod worked up. Connected to the Housing Executive he has cameras and recording devices installed in every smoke detector in every home across Northern Ireland. He knows whats going on before his own people do and that information gets passed on to the highest bidder.

He has back up. Setting fire to your own car and blaming the cock sucking Fenians to further yer own agenda indeed.  Why are the Protestant leaders so quick to blame the Catholics .... oh thats right cos the Loyalist people are too dumb to know when they are being played.

What other leaders have popped up?  What are their agendas? ... a crappy book writer, a Scottish hate monger that couldn't make it on the mainland and an idiot who supports the BNP who want a slice of the Northern Ireland market, who knows what they want? ..... apart from attention and EU funding of course. 

Oh and don't forget to attend the fundraisers to help ..... um people in prison, yeah thats right. Cos they need to be able to buy cigarettes while serving time so bring plenty of money, fags ain't cheap and neither are cigarettes.

  Your leaders have let you doon but you can trust me to lead you instead.... lets have a fundraiser!

The fleg protest movement has become a laughing stock with people at all levels working for their own causes all the while passing disinformation and trading secrets. Fleggers tend to fall for every trolling trick in the book.  When you get brought down by yer own from within then that might clue you in that you are defeated.