Thursday, 14 February 2013

Tasty Sexy Death

Wouldn't like to nom her burger?

A story that has been going around the last couple days has been Christopher  Dorner and the hunt through the San Bernardino mountains..... so heres the Heart Attack Grill instead.

A fast chain set up to look like a hospital but with hot nurses who want to please you .... not stick tubes up yer willy.

The Triple bypass burger might not kill you but the limitless free fries cooked in lard might. If you weigh over 350 LBS you eat for FREE!

I'd like a Quadruple Bypass and some Flatliner fries.     

The restaurant's spokesman, Blair River, died on March 1, 2011, aged 29 and weighing 575 LBS.

Don't worry, Ernie Hart the original spokesman is back, no heart operations, nagging wife or coma is gonna stop him .... cos hes a greedy fat cunt who eats for free... knock knock knocking on Heaven's door...

John Alleman a long time customer aged 52 died of a heart attack while waiting at a bus stop in front of the Las Vegas restaurant earlier this week .... lose the strain and take the train lad.

The owner of the heart attack grill Jon Basso is either fucking nuts or ....

Hes Satan!!!

Getting fat people over the edge to death by stealing their souls for free food and the attention of hot weemen dressed like nurses.... brilliant! 
Yes Old Knudsen is going to eat up and take a trip to The Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas and never leave....