Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Pistorius Is A Real Lady Killer

So lets break doon the wee story that Oscar Pistorius told about the night he killed his hot gurlfriend.

He woke up and went over to get a fan, the room was pitch dark. He then heard a noise coming from the bathroom. 
As he didn't have his legs on he felt scared and vulnerable so he grabbed his gun from under his mattress and went to the bathroom door. 

He screamed a warning for the intruder in the bathroom to get out and then he fired through the door. 

After that he then realised that it could have been his gurlfriend in there so he strapped on his legs and broke the door doon with a cricket bat.     

Do you believe any of that? 

Pistorius is a volatile bloke given to making angry threats. Witnesses are said to have heard them arguing. Why since this happened around 4am was Reeva Steenkamp dressed? 

Investigators are unsure if he had his legs on or not because the shots were angled doon to make sure they hit Reeva who was cowering in the corner. 

If you hear a noise in the middle of the night and you are worried, you'd wake yer partner. You'd tell them to call the police while you go and check it out. You don't get the gun from under yer gurl's side of the bed, not look at her and then go off to face it alone. 

If  you angrily scream at a door that you will shoot you might hear the other person scream, "no please don't" if it's yer gurlfriend. According to her bladder she had went to the toilet so would a burglar flush and wash up?  

I've only experienced pitch dark during my caving exploits, there is always some kind of light even enough just to make out a shape in a dark room. It all sounds like bollocks.

So much contradictory info in this case but the thing is OJ Simpson looked more innocent than this cunt.
Pistorius has offshore accounts and a house in Italy yet the judge decided that he wasn't a flight risk and gave him bail.
I think I know how this case is going. As guilty as sin Pistorius will be given a lesser sentence and then let out for good behaviour.

Killing a woman is probably against the law in South Africa but this guy is a national hero, hes the Blade Runner.
Hes shown remorse and will probably get off with it due to the fact hes rich and successful. Hes a mouthy dick and who knows what drugs hes on?   

The world lost a hottie ..... we must mourn.