Friday, 1 February 2013

JFK Mystery Solved

We've just been handed the secret files by someone who will remain anonymous. We now know who killed JFK.
Lone gunman, Mafia, ninjas, US government? ...... nope. 

On Nov 22nd 1963, Fort Worth Texas. A lone .... but very tall boy stood above the crowd.

That boy was ....

Bill Paxton, the star of Twister, Aliens and Tombstone.

Shown here from a different angle. This is obvious proof .... of something.

Heres what happened. Paxton had a rifle doon his long trooser leg, his boy scout training prepared him for the target and he wasn't that far away.
Not accepting the fact that their favourite president was killed by an 8 year-old boy brainwashed by commies they used Oswald who was a failed double agent and no longer of any use to them.

Paxton has been on a secret FBI watch list all of his life. If you ask him about it, he'll give you his big London look grin and remain silent.

Case book closed, another mystery solved.