Friday, 1 February 2013

Jamie Bryson God's Chosen One

Jamie Bryson AKA The beast from the east is not a wee pussy Spide that thinks hes a big man .... oh no,

 appearances can be deceptive. He is indeed the voice of peace and reason.

While most fleg protesters block roads and throw bricks at the houses of Catholics as they tear up the town Jamie Bryson is different.

Thank you to Loyalists Against Democracy for posting Bryson's support of Catholic intimidation

He goes in front of the camera and calls for peace before he throws bricks at Catholic houses and tears up the town.

Too dumb to know that hes a Paramilitary puppet this vertically and verbally challenged mental midget is the face to today's modern fleg protester.  

This pillow princess is finished before he even begins. God has chosen Bryson .... not to manipulate and become a man of power but he has been chosen to give us all a laugh. Ach if we didn't laugh at morons like Bryson and Willie Frazer we'd all cry. These are Unionists .... sad isn't it?