Monday, 18 February 2013

Dorner Cover Up

So do you think that the LAPD are corrupt? Not given it any thought huh.... Well it's lucky you have me to do yer thinking for you.

Remember the TV series The Shield? great TV, I wonder how they came up with the idea ... like duh! The LAPD do have more standards than yer local sheriff office in regards to recruiting but LA is a rough place and shooting, hitting and beating with a maglite then asking questions seems to be their way.
You can't politely ask a gang banger to cuff himself, that is what the police in the UK do just before they get attacked, "Sir do you mind please not beating me. I shall have to use reasonable force to subdue you."

During the manhunt for Christopher Dorner the Los Angeles police spied a truck they believed was his, driving around a Torrance neighbourhood so without warning they opened fire.... like you do.

It was the wrong make, wrong colour and had 2 Hispanic weemen in it who were delivering newpapers.
Maybe the police thought that Dorner and his truck were masters of disguise. One woman was shot in the back and the other in the hand, I'm sure they'll sue.

Later on another truck was rammed off the road. No that wasn't Dorner either.... but it was a truck so well done. 

Dorner wasn't right when he killed who he killed in order to clear his name.When your brain snaps you don't exactly make sense.
I believe that he was fired for complaining against other police officers. They closed ranks and pushed him out, there wasn't anywhere else to go. The LAPD board of review said he was lying. It didn't matter that the officer accused of assaulting a suspect had a history of doing it.

Dorner had a high standard of moral conduct that police should follow and was disgusted when they didn't. Like in the movies when the cop doesn't take a pay off and the others don't trust him.

He didn't have any back up and the higher up commanders didn't want waves because they were once brutal cops too. Dorner was stubborn and in the right, everyone telling him that he is wrong puts you in a bad place eventually.
Imagine weemen who are raped being told it was there fault and they wanted it anyway so no need to prosecute.
People look at you and say, "thats her" or don't believe you because the law said you were wrong.

There was no way Dorner was coming back alive. Tension among the police was high, their own had been shot and killed.
Is it not scary that they are able to pump 30 odd rounds into a truck that wasn't the right one, without warning and then have that story sidelined?
Is it not scary that they are able to ram trucks off the road and have that story sidelined? 

It isn't the first or last time the wrong people have been shot by the police in  LA or anywhere else.  

Let me ask you this, is burning down a house a usual tactic to resolve a stand off? The fire at the stand off at Waco that killed 76 Branch Davidian cult members was thought to have been started by tear gas.

It doesn't help the case any that a video has police shouting: "We're going to burn him out," and "Burn this motherfucker!"

They were out for blood. Not just because he was a cop killer but because no one wanted his story to go any further.
Even cop killers should get their day in court according to the law.