Thursday, 28 February 2013

Banged Up And Busted

The streets are yet again safe. Jamie Bryson one of the mouthpieces for the fleggers has been captured.
While buying a bottle of buckfast to give him the courage to make another UTV video mocking the police he was asked for I.D.  as he looks like a wee boy.

The cashier said, "Are you really Jamie Bryson? if so say Round the rugged rock, the ragged rascal ran."
Bryson attempted to say it not realising it was a ploy to stall him and so was arrested by the police who also checked his I.D. as they thought the 23 year-old was really a little boy just for a school night drink.

Since I know you read this blog stay strong Jamie, if you can't remember everything it's ok, Willie has told them anyway.

Willie really likes you and hes cunningly cunning, he wouldn't tell the peelers incriminating information about you and everyone else to save himself so he could get back to his family. He would never be tricked into squealing, he'd never break, hes a big tough ex-soldier after all not some easily led nut job. Try to think back when the police got you on camera ..... hahahahaha!!!!!

I'm sure these will be the last of the arrests and these two leaders of the people will be out in time to march to Stormont tomorrow and we'll have the fleg up before the beginning of next week ......... this won't be a long line of arrests intent on breaking some trouble making cunts who spoiled last Christmas , oh no I'm sure it won't be.

Yer days are now numbered scumbegs the heat is on and remember .... You don't deserve to fly Old Knudsen's flag!