Monday, 16 July 2012

Why Won't You Die?

The plain and simple truth of it is Old Knudsen is just too ornery to die. Old Knudsen's 4th wife found this quite puzzling. It went from frantic stabbing with a kitchen knife to pillow over my face as I slept with her yelling, "Why won't you die?" ........... Never marry a Latina, feisty lot they are.

After a while it was like she gave up and every time she looked at me she just asked, "Why won't you die?" A very strange woman.

Old Knudsen doesn't speak a word of Spanish and it was only just recently during a bar fight did he find out what she was saying. For years he thought they had a happy marriage, well compared to some.

Don't knock it until ya try it says I. Old Knudsen has died a couple of times but it wasn't for him, missing too much ya see. His curiosity as to what the next day will bring or if ya click next blog what will ya get?

Yeah it may be a big serving of shite with a side order of snot but buried deep within may be a shiny penny that may be the exact amount you needed in order to buy a 2 litre bottle of beat the wife with so you can drink and not care about the shite and snot for a few hours.

This has been Old Knudsen's motivational message for you to start yer week with ....... or it may be what you needed to send you into the garage to hang yerself. Its a win for Old Knudsen no matter.

Yer welcome!