Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sorry ...... Not!

The Young Conway Volunteers, the Protestant flute band that caused outrage when during the 12th July celebrations they stopped in front of a Catholic chapel and marched in circles first playing the sash then playing the anti-Catholic famine song have made a sort of apology.

Its a sort of apology as they didn't have the balls to own up and say yes it was a sectarian taunt because we think we're hard as there are 20 of us.     

The flute band said sorry for any offense caused and admitted that the associations of a tune played during the incident were perhaps unfortunate......... what does that mean?

It means we are claiming not to have played the anti-Catholic famine song, instead it was the Beach boys Sloop John B as the Famine song is played to the same tune. If you think it was the famine song then its unfortunate and your problem not ours.

You can hear some in the crowd singing the words to the Famine song as it is played. The crowd consisted of many other bandsmen and orangemen. 

If they played a Kylie song I might have believed them.

The location of them playing tunes while marching in a circle was unintentional as they did not realise they were outside St Patrick's church at the time........... uh well we are from Belfast and hate everything Catholic. We just didn't notice a big fuck off Fenian church nor did we realise we were exactly playing in front of the main doors, no not off to the side but smack dead centre.

If they didn't realise where they were then they must really be fucking dumb. You just assume they are but no they have now proved it. Maybe yon fat lady distracted them with her sexy body.

The reason they gave for attacking a bloke who was filming the band was that the band received some bigoted sectarian abuse from the crowd that had gathered, yes it almost made some of the band members faint. So they didn't want their children being filmed by a hostile Republican.... a Fenian pedo I suppose they mean.

I wonder how long it took them to cum up with that? well maybe they shouldn't parade their sexy little children about. Should kids some as young as 3 years-old be out marching in the annual taunt the taigs rally?

No they attacked him because what they were doing was wrong and they knew it. A total lack of respect then the back pedaling lies showing they are not men enough to own up to it, instead they plead innocence and blame everyone else ........ typical behaviour of an abuser.

Old Knudsen, ex serviceman from the Protestant community is not impressed. These meat heads are not my people nor do they represent me.